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Autumn 1

Friday 24th September - Week 3


Well done to Year 1 again this week, we have won the Circle of Fitness trophy back from Year 2. The children were extremely proud of themselves. 


Lots of progress in Maths this week, counting forwards and backwards to 20. 


In English the children were describing the Big Bad Wolf using describing words. They learnt that these were called adjectives. The children then put these into a sentence and wrote them down. They created WANTED posters for that evil, mean and scary wolf. 


In D.T this week the children were designing new houses for the Three Little Pigs, we talked about different types of houses and what type of houses that they live in themselves. They were using new vocabulary, such as detached, bungalow and terraced houses. The children chose what type of house they would like to make for the pigs. We had ideas like flats, terraced houses, 3 bungalows next to each other and even a semi-detached house with an extension on the back. Lovely ideas and designs Year 1.   

Friday 17th September - Week 2


Another amazing week Year 1. I am so proud at how well the children have settled into the class. They are enthusiastic, organised and ready to learn. 


In Maths this week, we have started our White Rose scheme of work and we have been sorting objects into sets and counting them. The children were learning to put their objects into a line first and then counting them carefully by touching one at a time and saying a number name for each object. The children were then challenged to say one more, one less and some children were able to challenge themselves to say what 10 more and 10 less was. Great Maths Year 1 well done.  


In English this week, we have began our Traditional Tales topic with the story Once Upon a Time by John Prater, this story has great illustrations and follows lots of familiar characters through their day. - Follow this link for videos and challenges related to this weeks Maths learning. 


Now that the children have settled into Year 1, I will be giving reading books out next week for the children to read weekly. Please could the children bring their reading books into school on a THURSDAY for them to be changed and given out to the children on a FRIDAY. 

Thank you,    

Miss A 

Friday 10th September - Week 1 - Autumn 1


A great big thank you to the children for such a lovely first week back. The children have all settled in very well and they have knocked my socks off with how well they have followed our new routines. We have completed Maths, English, Geography, Art and Computing lesson this week and they have loved it.