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Autumn 1

Friday 23rd October


This time of year, things always get a little spooky around Waverley Primary, and it turns out that this year is no different! Year 6 have arrived looking uncommonly fiendish this morning! :-D

Thursday 22nd October


Some terrific work in history this week, as the children explored early Christian texts and created some beautiful illuminated letters. The monks of medieval England would have been astonished!

Wednesday 14th October


Some fantastic science in Year 6 this week, as the children explored why the moon might have such variously sized craters. They discussed asteroid impacts, with variables such as speed of impact, strength of impact, size of asteroid and weight of asteroid. Using sand and blue-tack, we attempted to test the independent variable of the height of the drop, measuring the dependent variable of the width of the crater. The strength and speed of the impact clearly had an effect! Year 6 controlled and recorded the experiments well.

Friday 9th October


We've had another wonderful week, turning our hands to planning some fiction, calculating short and long multiplication (whoah!), investigating space, and finding out about the pioneering saints who spread Christianity in the North East. And the sun has shone! Not bad!

To scale, the basketball is the sun; in the distance, there is an Earth that is only 2mm across!

Some facts about the Venerable Bede, one of our 'ABC' of Northern Saints

Acrylic paints in action

Friday 2nd October


We've enjoyed some marvellous history this week, exploring the life and times of the great Northumbrian saint, Cuthbert. We focused in particular on the story of St. Cuthbert and the otters, as we felt that this really highlighted his Christian beliefs as well as his deep attachment to nature. A fascinating figure!


On a separate point, Times Table Rock Stars is really heating up in Year 6 - one of our pupils has scored a knockout 55 tables facts in one minute! That's 1.19 seconds per question! Needless to say, they beat the teacher 😁

Friday 25th September


What a week we've had! Parachute design in science, Anglo-Saxon gods in history, brush techniques with acrylics in art, negative numbers in maths, coding in computing, top-class PE with Miss Cowling - the list goes on. However, the writing this week has been particularly special. Year 6 were taking on the role of Stanley Yelnats from 'Holes' to write a letter to his mother, with some superb results. Fantastic work all round, everyone!

Wednesday 16th September


We have leapt back into science this week, with an investigation into friction: just which material will make the best brake pads for a new design of tricycle? Here are the children in action, putting different ideas to the test.

Friday 11th September


Year 6 have made a cracking start to the year so far, and already feel like a fantastic team. There is so much potential in the room - we're really looking forward to the year ahead. This week, we've dived into the curriculum, reading 'Holes', writing about Stanley and Camp Green Lake, exploring place value in maths, deepening our understanding of forces in science, and dipping our toe into the Anglo-Saxon history of the North East in history. We've even found time for some assessments! Well done all.