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Autumn 1

Week 6

Our brains have really had to work hard this week as we have had to use our multiplication facts... times tables with a click of the finger!


In English, we have been reading 'Curiosity - the story of the Mars Rover'. We are using it to help us write explanations about our own design of robots which have been sent to explore Jupiter. Before writing, we have explored the features and structure of an explanation.   

Week 5

In Science, we have been thinking about the phases of the moon. Do you know why the moon's appearance changes throughout the month (well, every 28 days)? We do!

We used Oreo biscuits...

Week 4

We have had another very busy week. We have been writing biographies of some of our favourite celebrities and have been refreshing our skills in addition and subtraction. 


In Art, we have been using different pens to create line and tone. 

Week 3

On Monday, we started the week with a science investigation. 


How can we see that the Earth is rotating on its axis? Well, we can see the sun moving across the sky... or so it appears...

We decided to track our shadows throughout the day, to see if they changed...

Ask us what we observed throughout the day. 

Week 2

We have had another very busy week.


We have read the book Hidden Figures which is about the 'human computers' who worked at NASA during the 1950s and 60s. As black women, they were underpaid and unrecognised for the amazing work that they did in sending the first men into space. 

In Maths, we have been rounding numbers up to 10,000,000. Phew - its been hard work! 

On Friday, we started to think about negative numbers. We created our own number lines and played 'Tug of War'. 

We have been thinking about the Earth in Space. We have looked at our solar system and the planets that orbit the Sun with us. In History, we thought about astronomers through the ages. 

Welcome back everyone!

We have had a VERY busy first week... Mrs Sample has made do lots of mini-assessments so that she knows exactly what we can do. 


We have been thinking about our new science project 'Earth and Space'. Here are some of the things we already know, and some of the things we want to find the answer to!


We have created caricatures that we titled 'behind the mask'. We thought about words and images that would help Mrs Sample to understand a little more about each of us.