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Autumn 1

Week 7


Hooray for half-term holidays!!!!

This week we sent a fond farewell to Mr Waggott who retired today. He enjoyed a lap of honour to Local Hero and brought many a tear to our eyes. Goodbye and good luck Mr Waggott. Don’t have too much fun.,!

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We completed our Maya style masks this week. We did a great job. I’m sure you would agree that they look just like the real deal

Mini Halloween Games and Disco

We turned our designs into reality today, you can see how they are beginning to take shape

Week 6

We designed our Maya masks this week. Masks played an important part in the life of the Maya. They used them for events, battles and in death. Can you tell which is which?

We are radio broadcasters!

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This week in English we have been listening to, writing and performing radio broadcasts. We ended the week with some areas in which we could improve them and we will be recording them next week . Here are a couple of our favourites, see what you think.


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This week in RE we continued learning about Places of Worship. This week we looked at the Islamic faith and what we could expect to find in a mosque and why. We ended the lesson with a game show to test our knowledge.


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Week 5

This week in History, we learned all about food that The Maya would've eaten. We were excited to have a lesson in our brand new Science Hub. We did a carousel of different activities all related to the food of the Maya. A cut and stick matching activity, anagrams, making posters and even making tortillas like the Maya did out of real maize flour. We tasted them........the Maya can keep them!!!

In Art this week we learned how to handle powder paints. We looked at colour theory and what primary and secondary colours are. We learned about Picasso, his Abstract style and techniques and used complimentary colours to create portraits of our own in Picasso's style!

Today the Principle and Deputy Head from Studio West came to tell us about all the exciting things they offer at their school. Some of us are very interested in the possibility of going there.

Week 4

WE MADE POO TODAY!!!!!!!! Learning all about the digestive system has never been so much fun! Ask us to tell you what we did and what that taught us!

And hey presto!!! We have a poo!!!!!!!!

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We concluded our "egg-speriment" this week. Having soaked eggs in different liquids we looked at the impact they all had on them. Some even dissolved so much the egg membrane went rubbery and we could see the yolk! Ask us to explain what we did and what it taught us!

Today we used hot-seating in preparation for our diary writing. It helped us get inside the mind of the characters from whose viewpoint we are writing.

In RE this week we continued our journey around the faiths and different places of worship. This week we learned about the Jewish place of worship. The synagogue. Look at us listening to a rabbi singing from the Torah while we design our own synagogue incorporating all the features we learned about.

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Week 3

This week in Science we designed an investigation to help us understand how different things can impact on the health of our teeth. Ask us to tell you all about it - what we did and why.

Join in our tooth brushing challenge!! Extra copies of the record sheet can be downloaded here!!

In Art this week we created Amazon Jungle themed paintings using the techniques we learned last week. We created different effects using different shapes and sized brushes and a variety of strokes.

It was tense in Maths today when we all became code-cracking agents! We had to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 working as a team to crack the codes before the bomb went off!!

Watch the dynamite blow in maths!!

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In Computing we are creating E-books using Book Creator. Look at our wonderful learning atmosphere.

Creating E-books.

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Today in English, we designed our front covers for our persuasive leaflets. They had to be eye-catching with snappy titles. We listened to sounds of the Amazon Rainforest to inspire us.

Listen to the sounds of the rainforest with us.

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Week 2

During Science this week we began our unit by investigating teeth, their functions and identified the by their correct names. We learned how we can tell whether an animal is a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore by looking at the kind of teeth they have in their mouth. We played Simon Says to identify our own teeth in our mouths correctly. We enjoyed our lesson and can't wait for more next week.

This week's Art lesson saw us saying that word.....(Christmas!!) as we had to design and make our charity Christmas cards in advance so they can be sent to the printer and arrive in time for the festive season.. We listened to the sounds of the Amazon rainforest while we worked so that it could help us with our writing in English.

Relaxing Art Lessons in Year 5

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In English this week we have been adventuring down the Amazon in Brazil while learning to increase our powers of persuasion. We scoured different persuasive leaflets to work out how they tempt people to go or do or buy what they want you to. Be warned parents and carers.....we can use these new powers to get our own way!!

In RE this week we have been finding out about places of worship. W had to match signs and symbols and religious places to their correct faith. We did really well.

Week 1

Hello everyone!!


We've had a wonderful start to Year 5 and it has been a tonic to see all of our children looking so grown up and smart in their ties.

This week was all about getting back into routines and learning new ones.

We discovered that we will be journeying around the Amazon Rainforest, not only through our fantastic new book "The Explorer" by Katherine Rundell, but through our Science AND Humanities Topics. Super cross-curricular learning opportunities ahead.

In Art we used acrylic paint and a wide variety of paintbrushes to create different effects. Straight lines, curved lines, pointed ends, round and flat ends, size, all has such individual results. It was a very useful exercise.

We are on a mission to make sure that everyone can tie their own ties, we know it's new but practice makes perfect. I have included a link below to help you. It's worth doing for five dojos!!

Thank you Year 5 for being wonderful this week, you really have grown up!

See you on Monday!


Love Mrs Lynch








If you show me that you can tie your own school tie properly by Monday 10th of September, you can earn a whopping 5 Dojos!!

Look at the video link below for guidance.

Back to school tips: The easy way to tie a tie

Avoid the morning rush with this helpful video to teach your little one to tie their own tie. Find more helpful hints & tips from our Back to School hub: htt...