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Autumn 1

Week 2

This week has flown over - time certainly flies when you're having fun! This week we have found out why the Romans invaded Britain in AD 43, that light is a type of energy and that it begins at a source, (such as the sun or a torch), and have focused on three digit numbers in maths. We enjoyed playing a game called Nice or Nasty - the nasty version was our favourite version, as we could choose to keep a digit or place it our partner's grid!

We really impressed Mrs Leeming during our RE lesson this week - we had a lovely discussion about the meaning of the word 'sacred' and what it meant to us. 

Here we are during our science lesson - we took it in turns to tell our partner how to draw a shape whilst they were blindfolded. We found out that we need light to see - it enters ours eyes after travelling from a light source.


Week 1

We have had a fantastic start to the year! Everyone has settled in and is coping very well with the changes to our daily routines. We have sadly and reluctantly said goodbye to Hayden today, but we all wish him luck at his new school. Be brilliant Hayden!

Don't forget to wear your PE kit on Monday guys!