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Autumn 1

Friday 26th October - Autumn 1- Week 8


To round off our mini topic of Halloween, the children came into school dressed in their Halloween costumes to scare us all. We've had a fun day of dancing, games and Halloween crafts. I hope all of the children had a fantastic day.


Enjoy the holidays Reception!


Friday 19th October Autumn 1- Week 7


It has been like 'The Waverley Bake Off' in Reception this week. We have made bread like 'The Little Red Hen' and we have chopped vegetables to make soup. The children enjoyed exploring new language and using talk to clarify the process of making the bread. The children then wrote about it in Literacy on Wednesday, using their Phonic knowledge to blend and segment CVC words such as add, mix, roll and cook. Some children were able to challenge themselves to write the sentence 'I mixed it.' 


In Maths this week, the children have been learning about 2D shapes. Learning the names of triangles, squares, circles, rectangles, pentagon, hexagon and Octagons. They are beginning to be able to describe the properties and talk about the shapes.


Tuesday 9th October - Autumn 1 - Week 6 


Thank you to all parents, friends and family of the children in Reception for the fantastic turn out at our Harvest Festival. The children enjoyed singing the Harvest songs, they had been practising in class to the audience. We hope you all had just as much fun as the children. A great big thank you to everyone that donated to our Harvest food collection, we will be donating this to a local food bank.


Wednesday 3rd October - Autumn 1   Week 5


Today the children in Recpetion had a visit from the school nurse. She talked to the children about the importance of washing their hands, after they have been to the toilet, before they eat, when their hands are dirty or after they have touched or stroked pets. The nurse used glitter to show how germs spread very easily from hand to hand and object to object. She then challenged the children to show her how they wash their hands thoroughly. The children then practised for themsleves. Great listening from the children today.

Friday 28th September - Autumn 1  Week 4 


This week we have learnt the sounds g,o,c,k and the children have learnt all of the rhymes to help form these letters correctly. We have also consolidated all of the sounds taught so far. The children have been given a letter formation sheet as further practise at home, but you do not need to bring these back into school to be marked.



The children have now all been given weekly reading books. At first you may need to read the story to your child, but you can challenge them to pick out any sounds they know and ask them questions about the story. There are some prompt questions in the front of the reading record book to help with this.


I will collect in all reading books and reading record books on a THURSDAY and return their new reading book on a FRIDAY.


Thank you for your support,


Miss Anderson