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Autumn 1

Week beginning September 28th


This week is our last week with the Mr Men. We will meet Mr Lazy, Mr Happy, Mr Rush, Mr Jelly and Mr Worry.  The children have really enjoyed reading these books and there is always a good moral at the end.



In Maths we will meet Numberblocks 6,7, and 8. We have lots of fun activities planned to reinforce counting, number recognition and ordering numbers from smallest to largest.





In RWI phonics we will be learning speed sounds p, g and o.




Week beginning 21st September


This week in Maths we are meeting Numberblocks 4 and 5.



We have lots of fun counting activities planned and we will be looking for lots of different ways to make 4 and 5.


In Literacy we will read Mr Greedy, Mr Clever, Mr Uppity, Mr Brave and Mr Forgetful. In phonics we will continue through our speed sounds with t, i, n and p.





Week beginning September 14th

This week we are reading Mr Messy, Mr Strong, Mr Daydream, Mr Tickle and Mr Nosey. We will look at initial sounds of words and will begin our RWI phonic and handwriting programme.


In Maths we will be introducing Numberblocks 1,2, and 3 and will be finding fun ways to make and use these numbers.


We have a School Direct student working with us this year and she is called Lucie Coates. The children have already built a good relationship with her.

Counting objects and spotting counting errors
Counting strawberries into our punnets
Counting objects and spotting counting errors
Rainbow number 2
Looking for buried treasure
Numberblocks 1 and 2

The children have really enjoyed Koo Koo Kangaroo on YouTube. We have been dancing along to the dinosaur stomp, All I eat is pizza and Superheroes Unite. I have put a link below. Enjoy!


We also love Jack Hartmann Count to 100 and The Countdown song from 20

Week beginning September 7th My First Day at School game Lucy's First Day at School


Mrs Humphreys and I are really looking forward to welcoming you all and beginning our learning journey together.


Once the children have settled and become confident in their new routine we will begin a topic of Mr Men and Little Miss. This topic lends itself well to Personal, Social and Emotional development and talking about our feelings and strengths and weaknesses.


We will begin our Read Write Inc. phonic programme by introducing 5 speed sounds a week. Our first sounds are m a s d and t.


We will also link our learning in Maths to the Numberblocks. We will initially look at numbers to 5 and the counting principles.



We have had such a great week! The children have settled really well and we have had a lot of fun.