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Autumn 1

Week 8: Dancing Raisins!


In Science, we have been learning about the 'force-arrow' model. 


Look at the dancing raisins...


Still image for this video
Just ask us which forces were at play...

Week 7: The children take charge!


Rory and James were very brave this week...they led our Art and Design lesson. They taught us some origami. 

They both said that being a teacher was much harder than it looks! laugh

A Visit from Catherine McKinnell M.P.

As if this week hasn't been exciting enough, Catherine McKinnell, M.P. and her assistant Daniel, visited us today. We had a lot of questions about Parliament and the work she does for us in Westminster. Our question and answer session generated a lot of debate! It ended with an invitation to the Houses of Parliament!

Durham Cathedral

As part of our 'Local Legends' history topic, we visited Durham Cathedral. It is the home of the Shrine of St. Cuthbert. Our first thoughts were that he must have been a very special man if this incredible building is dedicated to him. 


On our way up the steep hill, we passed a statue that commemorates the journey the monks took to deliver St. Cuthbert safely to the Cathedral. Once there, we learned more about the Northern Saints and their role in converting Northumbria to Christianity all those years ago. Some of us got to dress up as the different saints and we got to spend some time in quiet reflection in St. Cuthbert's Shrine. Mrs Sample and Mrs Hibberd said that they had never been as proud as they were today!

Back at school, we solved the mystery of Bede's Bones... It was the Feretrar that did it!

Week 5

This week we have been multiplication masters! We have been using both short and long multiplication methods to solve problems up to ThHTUxTU. Phew...


In English, we have been writing the biography of Kensuke Ogawa, our hero from the story 'Kensuke's Kingdom'.

Week 4

In Science this week, we have investigated the changes that occur when we add mentos to cola... 

Yes... we already know what will happen... but what if we do this in a container full of vegetable oil? 

We used our 'particle model' and our scientific vocabulary to observe and explain what we could see.


All you need to repeat the investigation at home is:

  • vegetable oil (a huge bottle)
  • cola (500ml)
  • a packet or two of mentos


Sit back and watch!


(Mrs Sample was very excited!)


Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Week 3
We have been developing 'Multiplicative Reasoning' using the SSIF resources. Mrs Sample said today that we were BRILLIANT!
This afternoon (Monday), we have been exploring the particle model in Science. This time, we used multi-link. 
Leon explained our particle model perfectly but the video was too big to be able to upload it here!

Week 2


We have had another very busy week!


Today, we had a visit from Catherine McKinnell - our local MP. Ask us how we are now all 'Internet Legends'!


In Science, we have been re-visiting the 'Changing State' unit. We have been using a science model to explain the processes of changing solids to liquids, to gases. Have a look at the photographs...

Welcome Back!


Well, we have had a very busy week! The children have been straight back into work.


We have been thinking about how beautiful Maths is, investigating number patterns, parabolic curves and pentominoes. 

In English, we have been using our 'poet's camera' to write an effective setting description. We have had to use figurative language, such as simile, metaphor and personification. Here are some extracts from our writing:


A cacophony of smells drifted to me: the smell of petrol and cigarette smoke, the smell of freshly cut grass and rubbish rotting in the bin, the smell of leaves and the putrid drain. (Dylan BE)


Above my head, a thin sheet of cloud hovered in the ombre sky... The footsteps of playing children pitter-pattered all over the school ground. Screaming and shouting came from every direction. Excitement spread like a bad cold. (Dior)


Palm trees leaned towards the vast, blue sea, trying to drink the water. Footprints trailed across the hot, bright-white sand... A cacophony of sounds hit me: the calm, gentle waves, the warm breeze, a speedboat jumping on the water, seagulls swooping to catch food and coconuts falling with a thump. (Rory)


The cold breeze meandered through the branches, causing them to rustle. The birds were gliding through the sir, hunting food and singing their repeated song. (Heidi)

In R.E. this week, we have been challenged to resolve moral dilemmas - showing our understanding of right and wrong. We have had deep debates in our small groups.