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Autumn 1

Friday 25th October

Our fascinating science work on states of matter and the particle model has come to an end this week, with a great lesson on the changing state of ice cubes at room temperature. We used the particle model to explain the whole process of melting, going on to explore evaporation and insulation. It's been a wonderful subject for Year 4! We've also been composing some excellent 'How To Train Your Dragon' narratives this week - terrific writing, everyone!


Discussing our writing

Thursday 17th October

Another week, and another sensational Roman trip for Year 4! Today, we visited the Great North Museum in Newcastle, where they have a vast collection of Roman artefacts and interactive exhibits open to the public. We wasted no time and delved straight into the mysterious 'Roman Explorer' pack that the museum generously laid on for us. There were all sorts of knowledge-expanding activities inside. And some dressing up. We've had a great day! 

Friday 11th October

What a week it has been in Year 4! We've had some knock-out lessons, including fabulous descriptive writing, faultless column calculation and fascinating pencil compositions, but perhaps the highlights of the week were our walking trip to Denton Turret, and our visit from Bravo Drama. Great opportunities for the children - everyone has had a terrific time.

Walking to Denton Turret

Bravo Drama

Friday 27th September

Another cracking week in Year 4, with some great discussion over maps of Roman settlements in the North East, some sensational action writing, and a chocolatastic exploration of particles in science. In maths, we found that nothing help negative number understanding like a good tug of war, as you'll see below!

Friday 20th of September

What a magnificent week we've had in Year 4! We have been learning about how heat energy affects the movement of particles in a liquid, how to partition and compare 4-digit numbers, how to write dialogue in fiction, what happened when the Romans tried to invade Britain, and who wrote the Bible, amongst many other things (how many miles from Sweden to Japan, anyone??) It's been a great week. Galleries below.


English: role-playing for dialogue

Friday 13th September

It's not every day that Google pays a visit to your school, but today was just such a day! Not only did we have an extraordinary e-safety assembly from the Google team, with all the digital dazzle that you'd expect, but our local MP, Catherine McKinnell, was also in attendance, and shared some of her thoughts about life online with the children. Waverley is now officially attended by a whole key stage of 'Internet Legends'!

Friday 6th September

September is here, and an exciting new school year has begun! We've had a terrific week in Year 4, getting to grips with Roman Numerals, learning how to round numbers, reading 'How To Train Your Dragon' (a classic already!), and investigating the history of the Roman Empire.

We've also been exploring the properties of materials in our 'States of Matter' science unit. Water and milk may both be liquids, but does that mean they're the same? Year 4 have been thinking very carefully about what defines a particular substance - more on this next week. Below, the children are working on putting together some Roman Numerals, and undertaking their first science investigation for this year.