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Autumn 1

Week 8

The NSPCC visited school today and gave us an important message. Although the assembly was good fun, we recognised that certain things that can happen to children are not OK and we're fully equipped to deal with it now.

In Art this week we continued experimenting with line, all we used was one pencil and some paper and look at all the different effects and patterns we were able to create!

In English today we used our questions and evidence from our text "The Wolves in the Walls" by Neil Gaiman to role play interviewer/interviewee. We had to support our responses by proving where we got the information.

Watch our interviewers find out about our characters in The Wolves in the Wallby Neil Gaiman.

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Week 7

We had a wonderful time at the Great North Museum today, exploring Roman artefacts, dressing up, even adding to a virtual Roman Wall, we found so much our about what has been found locally at sites along the wall, it made us realise that Romans really did live where we do today!

In Art today we learned various different sketching techniques including hatching, cross-hatching, contour hatching and stippling. We enjoyed listening to music by Michael Nyman from the soundtrack of the film"The Piano."

Sketching techniques in action.

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In maths today, we played a game using what we have been learning about subtracting 4-digit numbers with one exchange. You had to choose one number off the red shirt, then one off the blue shirt. One partner then has to subtract the numbers using the written method while the partner checks it using place value grid and counters. \if they agree that the answer is correct, they find the ball in the numbers below and see if they have scored a goal, hit the post, missed or it's a save. We need a bit more practise but it's a fun way to help it to stick.

If you want to have a game at home you could print this out and challenge your adults!

Week 6

What a fantastic morning we have had! We are so lucky to have Hadrian's Wall on our doorstep. We marched through Denton Dene to two different parts of the wall. We touched the stone that real life Romans touched and built with their bare hands. It was magical, we had images of what that stretch of the wall would've looked like in Roman times and we could really disappear into our imaginations.

Week 5

Our champs this week! Look at how many Mathletics certificates we got! Charlie was our Star Achiever this week - he has been trying SO hard in all areas, work, behaviour and attitude. You've made me very proud Charlie.

To complete our well-being day, we invited Mr Garrod's class into ours where we totally relaxed with a guided meditation. We understand how important it is to be able to rest and relax and how it can help us if we ever feel anxious.


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What a wonderful end to the week! We have completed our How To Train Your Dragon unit of work and we have done so well with it we have earned a treat. We have had a well being day with relaxing music for mindfulness and creativity.

Look at the wonderful creative and relaxing atmosphere in our classroom. Bet you wish you were here!

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We listened to a wide variety of music while we worked. We have decided we really love Andrea Bocelli.

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We made it rain indoors this week!!! We were learning about condensation and evaporation. We used a model to demonstrate what happened and we were able to explain it. We're loving Science!!

In RE this week we have watched our Tree of Knowledge grow even more as we added to our understanding of The Bible. We now know that the Bible is made up of not just stories, but a variety of text types such as letters, psalms, poems, laws, proverbs and stories. We read from one text type and translated it to another. Here, Blue group read laws and turned it into a letter.

Practical maths helped us to understand how to add 4-digit numbers with one exchange. Tomorrow we will move our learning forwards and translate this to written column addition methods.

Exciting times ahead. We have arranged for a visitor from The Houses of Parliament to come and talk to key stage 2 during Parliament Week. On the 5th of November, years 3 and 4 will be taking part in a debating workshop exactly like it happens in the House of Commons. 5th of November.....a significant day for the Houses of Parliament.....does anyone know why...??

After a really exciting unit of work in English, we are finally following our plans to write our own How To Train Your Dragon story. Blue group tried a different approach and first created a photo story. We had great fun doing this AND it helped us to write our story.

Alex from Northern Gas Networks came to our school today. It was important that she came as the company will be doing major works around our local area and we need to know how to keep safe. It is going to make parking tricky, so Alex has arranged a walking to school competition. Guess what? Mrs Lynch was Alex's teacher when Alex was in Year 5!! She was so excited to see her!

Week 4

We moved our maths forward today and used equipment to help us visualise what happens when you add two 4-digit numbers together. We're SO clever!

Science this week involved CHOCOLATE!!! Sadly, it didn't involve eating it. We made observations to watch the changes in a substance as it shifted from solid to liquid and used our particle models and scientific language to explain the process. Words we can now use in context are "particles", "heat energy", "attraction", "properties" and "state". We're all loving our discovery learning and are becoming increasingly confident week by week.

We began our new unit in maths today. Addition and Subtraction. We did practical maths using both gattegno charts and place value charts and counters to model what happens when you add and subtract 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s. This really helped us understand.

We have been finding out what kind of learning style we are. We have discovered that some of us are visual learners, some of us are auditory learners and some of us are kinaesthetic learners. We are beginning to understand how we can use this information to help us help ourselves understand and make good progress in all our lessons.

There are lots of different things we can do to help ourselves learn. Charlie and Emily use ear defenders, they help them to concentrate and stop them being distracted. Lucky Michael has a C.Pen, he can use it so he can hear any tricky words that he might come across. Everyone is different and we love each other for our differences.

Thank you SO much Callie for teaching us all about how you treat your Type 1 Diabetes. You were so clear and answered all of our questions perfectly. We really "get it" now. You're demonstration on your bear was so clever.


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Our E Books just keep getting better and better!!! Today we added sound using the microphone - many of use decided to sing our Roman Numerals song.

Watch us record our voices for the EBooks and testing to see if it works. We're SO clever!!

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Why did the Romans invade Britain? What was it about it that was so great? Ask us to find out - we know all about it after our big discussion and sorting activity, we know what we had that the Romans wanted to trade and what they were used for.

Marley loves Science so much, she even creates investigations at home. She made a lava lamp and brought it in to fascinate us all.

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Marley created great excitement in the classroom with her wonderful lava lamp.

Music with Mrs McGovern. We're still loving learning a bit of Abba and today we had a go at introducing tuned percussion. Eventually we will be using notation to know what notes to play when. Great fun!

Teamwork makes the dream work! We worked SO hard in English this morning to develop a new dragon to include in our stories later on in the week. Mrs Lynch listened to us and recorded our ideas. After that, we developed a name for it. We used an outline of the dragon and our notes to work together to make sure that our dragon design had all the features we talked about. Look below and meet our Furious Fireball Slayer.

We have started learning how to count on and back across the zero to use negative numbers. Some of us got it really quickly, some of us used number lines and counters to help us understand what was happening. We feel better already but tomorrow we are going to smash it.

Week 3

We've nailed our Roman Numerals song and actions.

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Watch us in action and listen to our lovely voices as we use music and actions to help us remember the rules for the Roman numerals in maths.

Roman Numerals song part 2

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Roman Numerals Song Part 4

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Roman Numerals Song Part 5

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We are scientific geniuses! Today we used a science model to describe and understand particle movement in a liquid. We set up a fair test keeping everything the same except the temperature. One glass contained hot water, the other cold. We were able to explain that the particles in the hot glass contained more heat energy, therefore they moved faster and further than the cold one. As a result, the food colouring spread further and faster in the hot water. Ask us to show you at home.

WOW!!! How lucky are WE? We have been creating E-books using the I-pads, we're having so much fun and when we've mastered it we are going to use our skills to record our learning in other areas of the curriculum.

Look at our tree of knowledge, more and more leaves sprouting. This is how we can watch our learning grow in RE every week.

Our "Fiendishly Clever Plan". We became part of the Meathead or Hooligan tribe and used speaking and listening to devise our very own plan and plot line to get rid of the vicious Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus from "How To Train Your Dragon." We will use our plans tomorrow to write out the plan in full using a variety of how, when and where fronted adverbials. This will add information, detail and interest to our writing.

Roman Numerals

We have been creating sticky knowledge by using visual, auditory AND kinaesthetic learning styles to help us remember the Roman Numerals symbols and rules.
Ask us to show you how good we are!

For resources including lyric sheets, sheet music, and backing tracks check out !

Week 2

Hooray for Michael and Marley who SMASHED partitioning larger numbers this week!! You're SO clever!!

Get up and move!!!! We can make the smallest and the largest numbers we can in silence using digit cards.

We are INTERNET LEGENDS! We had a very exciting Friday assembly this week where we welcomed a team from Google to help us better understand how to use the internet safely and responsibly. We also welcomed MP Catherine McKinnell.

We used gattegno charts and place value counters to make learning fun. It really helped us to understand the value of numbers in 3, 4 and even 5 digit numbers.

Congratulations and well done to Sophie and Finley for completing the Mini Great North Run this weekend. We are very proud of them, don't their medals look great?

Week 1



Welcome back everyone!

What a wonderful start to our new term!

Our children have shown a superb attitude to our learning and have made excellent progress already.Be sure to ask them about what new learning they have found out this week.

They started their Spanish lessons, learned all about Abba in music and began to learn Mamma Mia (Sorry - not sorry!).

Science began with a lesson of discovery and talk all about things in cups.......ask them to tell you!

Our History and Geography topic is the Romans and this was kick started nicely in maths when we learned all about Roman Numerals - and boy did those children get on board. After only a couple of days they could not only read and write Numerals (some had never seen them before), but they could also calculate and probelm solve using them - they're SO clever! Have a look at our photographs and be sure to ask them all about it. 

Reasoning using Roman Numerals.

Discovery learning in Science - can you guess what our new Science topic might be.....?

Role play in English based on our text How To Train Your Dragon.