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Autumn 1

Halloween Disco

NSPCC Assembly

Rising Sun Country Park

On Wednesday Year 3 went back in time to the Stone Age. We went to the rising sun country park to see how people lived in the stone age. We made and cooked flat bread on an open fire. The flat bread was made out of flour, water and a pinch of salt. We learnt how to thresh, winnow and grind the wheat into flour. This was hard work!

After lunch we looked at stone tools, reindeer skins and antlers. We talked about how these things were useful to the stone age people. Then we went out in a hunting party. We had to build our own shelters to stay safe and warm. This was an amazing adventure...


Stone Age roundhouse and artefacts.

Skara Brae

On Tuesday year 3 had a visit from a local historian called Sarah. She came to talk to us about the Stone Age settlement called Skara Brae. We found out the village of Skara Brae is in the Orkney Islands off the North coast of Scotland. The village was lived in for about 600 years sometime between around 3200 BC - 2500 BC during the Neolithic period of the Stone Age. We looked at photographs and artifacts from the area. We learnt about how people lived during this period of the Stone age.

Drama Workshop

This week some children in year 3 took part in a Bravo Drama Workshop. It was good fun to act!

Comic Creations

This week Year 3 have used the website comix belief to create their own comics in computing. They had to add backgrounds, characters, speech & thought bubbles as well as sounds.


Today the children read and followed instructions on how to make a woolly mammoth using craft materials. 

Role Play 

We have been continuing to read 'How to wash a Woolly Mammoth' Today the children had to act out a scene in groups of 3.

Different parts - Narrator, Woolly Mammoth, Owner.


The Narrator had to give instructions to the owner to coax the woolly mammoth into the bath tub, stay there and get clean all over. The children had to use imperative verbs, prepositions and vocabulary from the story in their instructions.


Internet Legends

Year 3 are smashing internet safety. We are the best at being internet kind, internet secure and internet alert!

Using Musical Instruments to play Mamma Mia!

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth!

This week we are reading 'How to was a Woolly Mammoth' by Michelle Robinson. The focus of this text is writing instructions. Today we explored all the different imperative verbs we could think of to tell someone how to wash a woolly mammoth. We begun with some dirty toys and used imperative verbs to instruct each other on how to wash the toys. Then we applied what we'd learnt into writing sentences. 


Stone Age Cave Art

Today we have explored Stone Age cave art and discovered how cave paintings were created. We used chalk to create our own cave art on the yard. We found out that Stone Age paint was made out of natural materials. Many of the paintings are made from browns, whites, reds and oranges. The paints were made by grinding up natural materials like rocks, woods, bones or charcoal and then mixing the powders with water or animal fat to create paint. 

Comic Creation

Today we have created a comic page based on the story 'UG: Boy Genius of the Stone Age' by Raymond Briggs. The children had to discuss the different features of a comic, plan their story board, draw pictures, use speech and thought bubbles as well as sound splats to create their comic page. 

Be Internet Legends Assembly

Today we had a visit from Google and Catherine Mckinnel, our local MP, to promote internet safety to our KS2 children. Please visit the Internet Legend website for more information and follow the rules below.



Think Before you Share


Check it's for Real


Protect your Stuff


Respect Each Other


When in doubt, Discuss...


Stone Age


This term our topic is the Stone Age. We will be reading Ug by Raymond Briggs, Stone Age by Satoshi Kitamura and How to wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson. We will be doing Narrative writing, a comic strip and writing instructions. In Mathematics we will be focusing on Place Value and Addition & Subtraction. During Science lessons we will be investigating rocks. The children will study different techniques used in cave painting in Art and make their own fossil. In computing this term children will be using a variety of programs to make comic strips.

Putting Stone Age events in chronological order