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Autumn 1

All Aboard!

During this topic, we will be looking at George Stephenson, and the rise of railways and seaside holidays. As well as the evolution of transport. We will be looking and researching the different Polar regions and the environment. In Science, children will be looking at electricity and creating a working circuit. 

21st October - Week 8 - Autumn 1


This week the children wrote their own modern fairy tale. As a class we discussed the patterns that are in many different fairy tales. The children planned their writing, making note of their characters, the setting, problem and resolution. The children then had the chance to become authors and write their very own fairy tale. In Maths this week we had a chance to go over all the topics that we had covered since September. 


We had a visit from the NSPCC, on how children can protect themselves. 

14th October - Week 7  - Autumn 1


This week in English we started to look at modern fairy tales. We focused on ' The three little wolves and the big bad pig'. We wrote a postcard as one of the three little wolves to our grown up. The children were able to retell the story through the use of the postcard. In Maths this week we used a number line to add and subtract up to 3- digit numbers. The children completed word problems deciding if they should add or subtract. 


During our topic this week we had a visitor from Darlington Railway. The visitor taught us about George Stephenson and the steam railways. We learnt about the different jobs on a train and had a chance to use some of the equipment that would have been used when George Stephenson first invented the train. 

7th October  - Week 6  - Autumn 1


In English this week the children wrote an alternative ending to The Secret of Black Rock. We discussed what alternative means. As a class we wrote an example and the children were able to complete their own ideas and imagination. In Maths this week we completed addition and subtraction on a number line. The children carried this out practically using an empty number line and then moved into their books. 


During our topic lessons this week, we looked at seaside holidays and how they have changed over the years. The children compared a seaside holiday now to when Queen Victoria started them. In Science this week, we became human circuits. All the children became a part of a circuit, the children had a chance to work in groups and decided if the circuit would work if different elements were taken out. 


During this week we had a road safety workshop. The children were all keen to know and understand how they can be safe when crossing a road or in the car. 

30th September - Week 5  - Autumn 1


In Maths this week the children moved onto addition and subtraction. We started by adding ones and subtracting ones, we have since moved onto adding and subtracting tens from a given number. In English this week the children have wrote a letter as one of the main characters within the story. We have completed a conscience alley and have all wrote a short poem based on 'The Secret of Black Rock'.


This week in History the children learnt about the Wright Brothers. They learnt about the first plane and how the first flight only lasted 12 seconds. In Art this week we started our Christmas cards.  In Science this week the children created simple circuits. We predicted before the test if a circuit was going to work. The children then had time to try and build their own circuits. Using the equipment that was on the tables. 


23rd  September - Week 4  - Autumn 1


This week in Maths we have been looking at number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. We have been comparing number sentences using the more than, less than and equal to symbols.  In English this week we have wrote a setting description using the sea from 'The Secret of Black Rock'. The children have wrote a recount of their time at Beamish. Children were tasked to ensure that the events were in chronological order. 


In Science we looked at circuits, the children learnt the different symbols of a circuit. We looked at home electricity travels through a circuit. We stood in a circle and passed a ball around to show the way the energy travels through the wires. I n Art the children drew pictures of the transport that we had seen at Beamish. The children drew trams, old buses, cars and a Penny Fathing. 



On Tuesday we went to Beamish. We went to a workshop where the children had a chance to see a Penny Fathing and sit inside an old tram and an old car. After the workshop we had a look around the old pit village. The children went into the mines, church and the school. We looked at the similarities and the differences between now and in the 1900's. After lunch we travelled by tram to the old town. Whilst on the tram the weather took a turn for the worst. But this did not deter the children's enthusiasm. Whilst in the town the children went to the bakery, the dentist and the grocers. The children visited the sweet shop and watched how the sweets were made. Finally, the children went to the old garage, where there was lots of different modes of transport. We had a fantastic day learning outside of the classroom. 

20th September - Week 3 - Autumn 1


In Maths this week the children have been writing numbers as words. The children wrote numbers up to 1000. The children had the opportunity to change part whole models into number sentences. The children have partitioned numbers by halving the whole number. 


In English this week, we have carried on reading 'The Secret of Black Rock' by Joe Todd-Stanton. The children wrote questions that they would like to ask the main characters Erin and The Black Rock. We looked carefully at the words that start a question and what punctuation that is needed a the end of a question. The children then turned into Erin and The Black Rock and used the questions they had wrote. The children then looked at how Erin felt at key points throughout the story. They worked in groups together to gather a list of words to show emotions. 


In Science this week we looked at how electricity gets to our homes and school. We discussed what a power station does and how the electricity gets weaker and weaker until it is in our homes. In History this week we looked at how bikes had changed throughout time. We looked back at the first bike made and looked at the 'Penny Farthing' and looked at James Starley the inventor. 

15th September - Week 2 - Autumn 1


In Maths this week the children have been looking a place value and partitioning numbers. They have been partitioning numbers using a part whole model. The first lesson was carried out practically, children used Numicon and multi-link to partition numbers by their tens and ones. Children then moved onto problem solving and reasoning questions based on partitioning and part whole models. 


In English this week, we have started reading 'The Secret of Black Rock' by Joe Todd-Stanton. The children made an initial prediction about the book based on picture clues. Children were then given the opportunity to practice their oral story-telling, we looked at features of a story teller and how they change their voice and tone throughout the book. Children in pairs then read a book to their partner using what they had learnt. Towards the end of the week we started to look at character descriptions, and how more than one adjective within a sentence can make our writing interesting for the reader. 


In Science this term the children are learning all about electricity, this week in our lesson the children were challenged to make an safety poster for children when using electricity. In History this term we are looking at how transport has changed. We started this week by looking at George Stephenson and how he was crucial in the rise of the railways. We also looked at how trains had changed over the years, and how they may look in the future. 


This half terms spellings were given out on Friday. Please only focus on Week 1. Children will be tested every Friday. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask myself or Mrs Dickinson at the door. 




Welcome back to Waverley for the Autumn Term


4th September - Week 1 - Autumn 1

Welcome back to a brand new school year, I hope everyone enjoyed their Summer holidays. The children have been fantastic this week, coming into school with lots of smiles, exploring their new classroom, learning new routines and having fun with their friends. This week we have been settling into Year 2, completing daily Maths and English lessons. The children have been writing a recount of their summer holidays as well as doing some creative writing. The children have had the chance to explore activities in the afternoon, such as History, Geography and Science.