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Autumn 1

Autumn Week 8

Please take a look below at our Halloween dress p and craft week.  We all had so much fun talking about staying safe for trick or treat and scaring each other.

Week 7

We have been learning about Halloween. The children have already decided what they will wear to our Halloween dress up day.  Cat boy and owlett have been popular choices.  The children have been learning how to order number pumpkins 1-10, discussed size language to order various pumpkin sizes, made witches potions, wrote our names on witches cauldrons.  We have dressed up in our spooky role play house, made witches brew, discussed Halloween animals and why bats are nocturnal.

Autumn Week 5

We started our Harvest Topic.  The children have been learning about the outdoors, nature and trees.  We have made leaf collages, counted leaves, been apple picking from the trees in the school garden and we have been learning how to write our names on tractors.  The children have settled well and we are now doing our extra days at school.  Well done Nursery.

Autumn Week 4:


This week has been jam packed full of learning adventures.  We have not only been playing Autumn number bingo, but we have been developing our knowledge of simple shapes such as circles, triangles, squares and rectangles.  We played shape bingo, made shape people and used shape cutters in the play dough area.  We have also been continuing to learn our letters sounds and have played initial sound bingo.

Now that the leaves are starting to fall we have been getting into the Autumn feeling at Nursery so we have made autumn animal masks, made sticky leaf pictures with PVA glue and spreaders and made Autumn cards to take home as an independent craft.  Beyond all of this we have also developed our knowledge of colour and pattern through the story The Blue Chameleon.  We have made water colour chameleons and we can't wait to display all of learning about this story to you on the big board outside of our classroom.  Stay tuned for more adventures next week with Apple Crumble, Story sequencing, phonics and more number work.


A sneak peak at what is to come on our new board!

Autumn Week 3:


The children are continuing to develop friendships with staff and peers and are enjoying their full days at Nursery. We have already started to learn our phonic sounds using the Read Write Inc program. Here are the letter sounds we have been learning to say and read:


please use the cards provided at the start of the year to support your child with their phonics sounds and letter recognition.


Alongside reading our phonic sounds we have been learning to write them following the phonic rhymes. We have also been getting stuck into reading books inside and outside. The children are starting to turn the pages and look at the pictures independently. During your bedtime story ask them questions about their book Who is the character? What do they do in our story? How did the story end? Where is the story set? These are all the questions we have been answering during whole class story.


Look below to see us read and write

Autumn Week 2:

The children have continued to settle well into Nursery. We have even enjoyed starting to stay for lunch. Our class are still finding number work tricky so please can you help your child count at home to 10.



Autumn Term- Week 1

I would like to start off by saying welcome to our new class. We have started our first year at school being brave, working hard and we have been learning how to make new friends. We have been developing our colour skills, singing our numbers 1-10, learning how to draw simple shapes such as circles and lines in shaving foam and we have been using mirrors to draw our faces. The children have also enjoyed sitting down quietly and listening to a daily story.

This week we have been reading: There's a shark in the park and I want my potty. We already have a favourite and it is the Shark story. As your child about the shark, Where does the shark hide? What does the little boy Timothy use in the story to find him?

We will be starting to learn our phonic sounds so please use the summer packs provided to help and support your child with reading and writing letter sounds at home.