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Friday 11th October

This week attendance has been excellent once again with Nursery, Reception and Year 2 with 96%. School had an overall total of 94.7% and can I thank all pupils, parents/carers for being punctual on a morning before school as this week there was only 8 late marks throughout the whole school all week.

Friday 4th October

This week school achieved a total of 95.4%. with most classes achieving over national average. Our Year 6 class had 100% attendance followed by Year 1 with 98% and Nursery with 96.9% despite the flu/sickness bug that has hit across school.

Friday 27th September

This week despite the sickness bug/flu that has hit school, Year 6 still managed to achieve national average 98% attendance followed by Year 3 at 96.3% and thirdly Year 4 at 96%. Attendance awards were given out today at the shop where KS2 Pupils could choose a key ring for their locker keys.

Friday 20th September

Congratulations to Reception who have 100% attendance this week, 6 out of our 8 year groups achieved above National average this week. Overall this is the third week in a row hat the school has exceeded National Average attendance, please keep up the good work.

Friday 13th September 2019

This week Year 2 have achieved 100% attendance with no lates. Overall the whole school has a total of 96.1% attendance which is above national average. Well done for getting your children to school on time so far this year, we have had very few lates this term.



Welcome back to the start of the new academic year. Once again attendance is a priority at Waverley and we will be working hard to ensure that we meet the high target set by Mrs Leeming of 97% for the school year.


Once again we will be working closely with our Attendance Officer Mrs Gardner who is on hand to offer advice if you are having any issues with regards to your child's attendance at school. Our attendance shop is open once again and the children will be rewarded each week, half term and termly.


We appreciate your support in assisting the children to attend school each day and on time. Thank you





Waverley's overall attendance for the year 2018-2019


Our aim for our whole school attendance in 2018-2019 was to exceed the government target of 96.1% to reach 97%. Our overall attendance for the year was 95.53%. This was short of both targets, term time holidays in both term 1 and term 6 had a detrimental affect (parents please take time to read through our new attendance policy as this indicates the key changes we have made to procedures regarding holidays in term time). However our attendance continues to improve year on year and has increased by 0.7% in the last year.


Our persistent absenteeism has reduced from 11.68% in 17-18 to 8.75% in 18-19.


Thank you to our pupils and parents who have supported our attendance team by ensuring the children are in school each day on time.


Please note: from September there will be changes to our attendance policy which has been circulated to you by e-mail.