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Attendance at Waverley Primary School

It is incredibly important that your child attends school every single day. As a school, we expect all children to achieve at least 96.1% attendance over the school year - we feel that this allows for a reasonable amount of days off through illness. 


We have a number of rewards systems in place to ensure that children who attend well, or significantly improve their attendance are rewarded for their efforts. 


We also have a number of sanctions that may be used if your child's attendance is causing us concern. 


These are outlined on this page, but if yiou have any further queries do come and speak to us in school.


How do we reward brilliant attendance at Waverley?

Excellent attendance is vital in order for children to achieve their full potential. If your child attends every day, on time they have an opportunity to earn a number of rewards:

  • Weekly attendance shop: Every week, all children in school who have attended every day on time will be given the opportunity to select a reward from our attendance shop.
  • Weekly book winners: Every week all the children with 100% attendance that week and no late marks will be entered into a draw and one winner from both the lower and upper school  will be able to choose a book from the book hampers. 
  • Half termly attendance shop: If your child has 100% and no late marks for the whole of the half term they will be able to select a larger reward from the half term attendance shop. 
  • Termly certificates: Every child in school with 100% attendance for the term will receive an attendance certificate presented in our achievers assembly at the end of each term as well as a surprise gift (these vary from term to term).
  • Yearly award: All pupils who achieve 100% attendance for the whole academic year will receive a special experience at the end of the summer term (this could be a party, trip to cinema, bowling or as last year a NERF party in school). They will also be awarded with a special certificate to mark the achievement and a 100% attendance badge to wear with pride on their uniform. 


What happens if we are concerned about your child's attendance

We want to work with you to ensure that your child attends well. If there is an issue that may impact on your child's attendance please come and discuss this with us as we may be able to work with you to resolve the issue.


The government define any child whose attendance is less than 90% as a persistent absentee. If your child is a persistent absentee, these are the steps we will take:

  • We will offer you a Parent Contract. This is an opportunity for you to come in to school and discuss your child's attendance with the Attendance Officer (Mrs Gardner) or Director of Pastoral Care (Mrs Selkirk). At this meeting we will talk about what might be impacting on your child's attendance and how we can work together to ensure that it improves. 
  • Following the offer of Parent Contract, we will internally monitor your child's attendance. During this time, we will not authorise any absences without medical evidence (e.g. a doctor's note or proof of medical appointments). 
  • If, following internal monitoring, we are still concerned about your child's attendance we will refer the matter to the local authority who will legally monitor your child's attendance. This can result in fines and prosecution. 



ACADEMIC YEAR 2020 - 2021


Welcome back to the start of the new academic year. Once again attendance is a priority at Waverley and we will be working hard to ensure that we meet the high target set by Mrs Leeming of 97% for the school year.


Once again we will be working closely with our Attendance Officer Mrs Gardner who is on hand to offer advice if you are having any issues with regards to your child's attendance at school. Our attendance shop is open once again and the children will be rewarded each week, half term and termly.


We appreciate your support in assisting the children to attend school each day and on time. Thank you





Week ending 01/04/2021

The attendance this week is 97.5% Well done to Year 1 and Year 3 for achieving 100% followed by Year 2 with 98.8% and Year 4 with 98%. Many prizes were won today for 100% attendance at our half term and weekly attendance shop! Keep it up everyone!

Week ending 26/03/2021

The attendance this week is 96.2% Year 3 have taken the lead this week with 98.6% We are thrilled to have Nursery back today after self-isolating and online learning - please be cautious and do not send your child to school with ANY illness.

Week ending 19/03/2021

This week the overall attendance is 97% Year 3 and Year 4 are tied at first place with 99% followed by Reception at 98.4% Once again, we have surpassed the national average. Keep it up!

Week ending 12/03/2021

It is our first week back due to the national lockdown and with pupils keen to come back to school, we achieved 98.5% attendance this week! It has been another week of fantastic attendance with 3 classes at 100% - Year 1, Year 3, and Year 4. From Monday 8th March, our attendance policy will take full effect. This was sent to you by email this week and is available to view on our school website.

Week ending 11/12/2020

The whole school attendance this week is once again above the national average at 97.6% Year 2 scored 99.7% followed by Nursery with 99.5% and Year 6 with 99.4%

Week ending 04/12/2020

After a short week for pupils this week, registers are in and the attendance is 97.2% Year 1, 2 and Year 4 all had 100%

Waverley continues to keep smashing the attendance scores out of the park and we have been above national average all half term. Well done!

Week ending 27/11/2020

Once again we have achieved above the national average for attendance at 97.2% Our Year 4 class achieved 99.2% followed by Year 3 at 98.6% Well done Waverley!

Week ending 20/11/2020

The whole school attendance this week is 97% Congratulations to all classed, we have achieved above the National Average for 6 weeks in a row now. Our Year 4 class are in the lead with 100% followed by Year 3 with 99.3% Keep it up! 🏆

Week ending 13/11/2020

This week the whole school has achieved 98.6% attendance! Year 1 had 100% attendance followed by Year 5 at 99% We have been above the national average with 5 weeks in a row now. Well done.

Week ending 06/11/2020

The Attendance this week is 97.8% Congratulations to Reception, Year 1, and Year 5/6 for all achieving full marks at 100% followed closely by Year 2, Year 3, and Year 4 at 99.3% Fantastic attendance this week everyone, well done!


Week ending 23/10/2020

This week we have exceeded the Attendance national average yet again this week with 96.9% Congratulations to our Year 2 class taking the lead with 100% attendance followed by Reception with 99.2% This half term we achieved 97.1% attendance. Well done everyone!

Week ending 16/10/2020

This is now our 4th week above the national average at 97.3% Congratulations to our Year 1 class for achieving 100% this week! Well done to Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6 for exceeding the national average.

Week ending 09/10/2020

Overall this week, we achieved 98.6% attendance across the whole school. 2 out of 9 classes achieved 100% including Year 1 and Year 3. 9 out of 9 classes all achieved the national average. Well done!

Week ending 02/10/2020

Attendance this week has dropped to 94.5%, we have a number of children hit with the winter vomiting bug this week as the weather starts to change.

A massive congratulations to Nursery, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 5 who still achieved higher than National Average this week. Our year group winners with 98.9% was year 5, very closely followed by Year 2 with 98.6%.


Week ending 25/09/2020

We have has another strong week on the attendance front with the whole school achieving above National Average with 97.1% this week. 


It was a very close race amongst the classes with 8 out of 9 classes above the required 96.1%, well done to Year 5 coming out top with 98.6%.

Week ending 17th September


Attendance this week has dropped across school with 95.9% attendance this week. Well done to 5 of the 8 Year groups who all exceeded National Average.

Week ending 11/9/2020

Welcome back to the start of a new term in very different circumstances. It has been great to see all of children back in school and happy to be here. 

We have an amazing start to the year with 98% attendance for the week. 

Waverley's overall attendance for 2019-2020


We had a great start to the year on the attendance front with school achieving above National Average for a number of weeks. However due to the unusual circumstances surrounding Covid-19 our attendance was impacted and our annual figures have been taken as of the 20th March when school went into lockdown.


However our attendance across all years was 95.46% which is just below national average of 96.1%. Thank you all for your support and we again aim to exceed this level in 2020-2021.


Our attendance team have continued to work hard to reach out to those families on our persistent absentee report and this figure continues to reduce with 8.88% for the last academic  year.

Waverley's overall attendance for the year 2018-2019


Our aim for our whole school attendance in 2018-2019 was to exceed the government target of 96.1% to reach 97%. Our overall attendance for the year was 95.53%. This was short of both targets, term time holidays in both term 1 and term 6 had a detrimental affect (parents please take time to read through our new attendance policy as this indicates the key changes we have made to procedures regarding holidays in term time). However our attendance continues to improve year on year and has increased by 0.7% in the last year.


Our persistent absenteeism has reduced from 11.68% in 17-18 to 8.75% in 18-19.


Thank you to our pupils and parents who have supported our attendance team by ensuring the children are in school each day on time.


Please note: from September there will be changes to our attendance policy which has been circulated to you by e-mail.