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2013 - 2014

KS1 have been thinking about space. There are lots of unknown questions because the galaxy is so large.


Look at the spaceship Mrs Armitage's class have constructed.


Saturn is the most beautiful planet with its rings.


They are all kept in orbit by the Sun's gravitational pull.


The Earth is often called 'the blue planet'.


Some planets are gas giants and others are rocky.


Rockets need to be streamline to speed out of the atmosphere.

We usually have P.E. on Friday morning with Mrs Armitage. However, this can change if we have visitors, or is the gym is out of action, so please ensure your child has their kit in school at all times. It can be taken home at the end of the week or end of each half term. The kit should consist of shorts, a plain T. shirt (no buttons) and outdoor P.E shoes. Please remember that for safety reasons long hair should be tied back and jewellery should not be worn. Ear-rings should be taped up if they cannot be removed.

Homework and Reading Books
Reading books and homework will be collected on Wednesday. They will be marked and returned on Thursday. Children choose two books from their book box and should read at least one of them during the week (both, if possible). Please try to read regularly/every night to build on word recognition, fluency and expression. The books should be grouped according to your child's reading ability, although there is a range in each box. Their reading is assessed regularly and the aim is for them to move up a level each term . If there are any questions, please ask.

Our library session is on Friday morning. As the children can choose from a wide range of Fiction and Non-Fiction books, they may need more support when reading them.

We are learning to play the recorder with Miss Hauber from the Newcastle Music Service. Every Thursday afternoon we will be learning how to play different notes and trying not to make too many squeaking sounds!
School provides recorders, so if you have your own, keep it at home. You can practise what you have been learning and entertain your family and friends! We hope to perform in a special concert in front of an audience later on in the year.