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Year 1 - Mrs Armitage

Welcome to our new class! We are looking forward to learning all about the world and we are amazed by the height of the sunflowers in the school garden!

Welcome to our new class! We are looking forward to learning all about the world and we are amazed by the height of the sunflowers in the school garden! 1

smiley Welcome to our new class. This term we are studying our local environment, the seasons, Percy the Park Keeper stories and keeping healthy. Please can you give your child a family photo for our science lesson on Thursday (14th September).

Our weekly timetable is as follows :

Monday: red Homework books and white Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling books go home and need to be returned by Friday at the latest

Tuesday : home reading books to go home (after being changed in school on Monday). P.E. please keep in a  named P.E. bag at school and include sand shoes/trainers.

Friday : Please return completed homework books. Library books to go home (to start soon). Please return the following week so that your child can get a new library book.









  Our Visit to Kirkley Hall


On Monday 26th June we went to Kirkley Hall. When we got there we met Matthew our leader and he showed us the aquarium and we also  stroked Buggylugs the rabbit and Cookie and Lilly the guinea-pigs. Then we had a woodland walk where we had a bug hunt. We used binoculars in the hde and spotted robins, blackbirds and house martins, but sadly no red squirrels! After our packed lunches and a play at the park we had a tour of the zoo. There are over 200 types of animals at the zoo and we enjoyed seeing the wallabies, ring-tailed lemurs, capybaras, bush dogs, reindeer, kookaburras, monkeys, meercats, parrots and peacocks to name a few.

It was a fantastic learning day and we leant so many new facts about animals.

                                  Week 2 : Week Beginning 12th June

In Geography we have followed directions on a map then made our own routes using P.E. equipment. 


                                           smiley Week 1:Week Beginning 5th June smiley

This term we are looking forward to studying islands and seaside holidays in the past. We will be making maps, following routes and drawing aerial views. We will be reading The Rainbow Fish, Katie Morag books and The Lighthouse Keeper books.


                                              Week 5 Week beginning 22.5.17

On Thursday we brought our scooters to school to celebrate our Golden Mile Challenge and for doing lots of hard work including the SATS tests with Year 2. We scooted over 75 miles!


Scooter Fun!

Scooter Fun! 1
Scooter Fun! 2

23.5.17 Year 2 Owl Sandwiches

What great fun we had today! We designed, made, evaluated and ate some delicious owl sandwiches.

Tomorrow we will be writing the instructions to explain how to make them. You could try to make one at home during the holidays. We would love to see more of your own ideas and designs.

                                                                            Week 4   15.5.17

Walking through the Jungle, what did we see? lots of super stories hanging from the tree!

We have written our own versions of 'Walking through the Jungle' and hung them in our jungle area.  We have also got a new jungle hide where we can read animal stories to each other.

Next week we will take our Mathletics ID cards home so we can play the maths games at home.

To celebrate all our hard work and especially our Year 2's working so hard with their SATS tests, we are having a Scooter Day on Thursday 25th May. Letters about the Scooter Day went home on Friday 19th May.

                                                          Week 3:  Week Beginning 8th May

 This week in P.E. we enjoyed playing team games in the 'Mugger' on the bottom yard. We used these games to develop our skills in Agility (relay races) Balance (bean bags on heads, then balancing balls on bats) and Co-ordination (rolling hoops around cones). We have also run lots of Golden Miles and have now run almost 800 miles since September! We are aiming for 1000 miles by the end of this Summer Term.

In  Maths we having been adding 1 and 2 digits to 2 more digits and learnt different ways to add numbers. In English we have we have written lots of amazing facts about leopards.

                                                       Week Beginning 24.4.17

   Maths : This week we have been actively involved in measuring length, capacity and the weight of objects. We have used cubes, rulers, balances, scales and ml and litre jugs to measure accurately. We sorted food items into those that are weighed in grams and kilograms and those that are measured in litres and milli litres. We also put the items in order from the lightest to the heaviest, along with which containers held the least to those which held the most. Next week we will measure each other in metres and centimetres.


                                                 Happy Easter Everyone!

    This week we enjoyed making our eggciting models for the the Easter egg competition. We  also made Easter cards and Easter baskets with chocolate crispies and mini eggs-yum! yum! 


                                                    Week 5       27.3.17

On Wednesday, children from Miss Clarke's and our class participated in the Multi-Skills Competition at Walbottle High School. All 8 children represented our school very well and completed six activities. They were super fast at zig-zag running, throwing, catching and throwing a football while kicking a football at the same time!



This week we also made some super models using construction toys.






                                                           Week 4 20.3.17

This week we have written and posted letters to pupils in a Year 1 Class near Manchester. These pupils are taught by Mrs.Armitage's daughter and we tried to answer their questions about Newcastle and our school. 

We have also been learning about Mother's Day and how it is celebrated around the World. We hope our Mam's like their cards, with a surprise gift!


In Maths we have been practising number bonds to 10, 20 and 100, counting forwards and back on a number line and making fractions. We used playdough to make halves, quarters and three quarters.

                                 13.3.17    Science Week

What a fantastic Science Week, we have had! Our school's focus was Materials, their properties and how they can change. We enquired, investigated and experimented with a wide variety of materials. During the week we:


  • sorted objects into metals, wood, fabric, glass and card
  • changed materials by twisting, rolling, bending and squashing them to make plasticene boats and tin foil animals, leaf helicopters and rocket mice
  • observed reversible changes when chocolate melted in our hands
  • looked at irreversible changes when we made popcorn and toast
  • made slime, rainbow patterns and created new colours with food dye and paper towels

We also learnt about the following scientists and innovators in the world of medicine: Alexander Fleming who invented penicillin, Louis Pasteur who researched anti-biotics and the pioneering nurses Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

                                              Week Beginning 27th February

    Welcome back everybody and we hope you had a good holiday. On Monday we enjoyed singing and playing musical instruments with our school's specialist Music Teacher


   On Thursday it was World Book Day and everyone dressed up as their favourite character. We had a Jolly Postman, Rapunzel, Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks, Super Mario, Red Riding Hood, Hermione, Horrid Henry's, Dinosaurs,Trolls and Snow White to name a few. Mrs.Armitage was Slinky Malinki the black cat and we enjoyed listening to stories and drawing cat pictures.  




                                                       Week 6   13.2.17

                    Well done for working so hard this half-term and have a super holiday!

This week the children have starting to bring in their amazing Pet Projects and we look forward to seeing more after the holiday.

We also had more furry and four legged visitors in our classroom. We met Donny the tortoise, who didn't need to hibernate this year, Snowball and Cookie, 2 friendly rabbits and six, 4 week old beautiful kittens who will depend on their mother for 5 more weeks. 

We have also been very creative with our pet homes we made, using junk materials.

In Maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We had to count the number of sides, edges and vertices (corners) on spheres, cones, cubes, cuboids, cylinders and pyramids.

                                                           Week 5      6.2.17

What a petastic week we have had! We are learning how to look after a pet, so seeing so many different pets, has turned our time into a Super learning Week. We have been able to learn from each other and our parents, the best ways to care for a pet.

We have had visits from two mice, nine budgies, Samba and Sooty the rabbits and Jeffrey the cat. We asked questions about what they eat, where they live, how they exercise and how to give them a good life. All this information will help with our Pet Project homework.


                                                                     Week 4    30.1.17

This week we had two furry visitors called Merlin and Oscar in our class. They are spaniels and belong to Mrs.Thomson. We asked lots of questions and learnt how to look after them properly. We are looking forward to seeing more pets next week. Our homework is to find as much information as possible to write up our own pet project.


In Maths we have been learning about how many seconds in a minute and how many minutes in an hour. To test this out we did some circuit training in P.E. and gave ourselves one minute to do such tasks as run between 2 cones, star jumps, touch our toes, hula hoop and press ups!   

                       We love to run the Golden Mile because it makes us fit, healthy and ready to learn!

                                          We have run more than 600 miles as a class since September!

                                                                          Week 3     20.1.17

                                                This week we have been learning our school's Golden Rules. These are:

                                              We are kind. We are helpful. We listen to people.

                     We work hard. We look after property. We are honest

                   We have created posters about each rule and remind each other about what they mean.  

In English we have been writing sentences with nouns, verbs and adjectives and our enjoying our new grammar homework books.

In Maths we have been making numbers to 100, using tens and ones up to 100 with the Numicon and  Cuseinaire rods.



15.1.17 : This week we really enjoyed our Science investigations into Living Things. We had to sort living creatures into mammals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles and amphibians.

In English this week we have been learning about nouns, verbs and adjectives. To assist our learning the children have been given new Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling homework books. These books and the yellow homework books will go home on a Friday, with full instructions inside and need to be handed back in, no later than the following Thursday. Home reading books will continue to go home on a Tuesday. The children need to keep their reading books and reading record books in their school bags every day incase they need to read them at school or write a book review. 

We have also started a new homework and behaviour record sheet for each child. The children get a special star sticker every week for good behaviour and getting their homework (including reading books) completed in time. They are really looking forward to a special treat at the end of term, if they get stickers for every week.


A highlight of our week was having Tipi Tales in the school tipi tent with Mrs. Opie our new teaching Assistant. The children played circle games, practised their speaking and listening skills and enjoyed the story of Penguin Pete.

                                                                       Spring Term 2017

                                                                   Happy New Year!   

      Welcome back and we hope you all had a lovely holiday. What a busy week we have had! Our learning focus is about Pets.

  • In Science we are studying how to look after animals, different types of animals and their habitats
  • In English we are reading Six Dinner Sid by Inga Moore and retelling the story in our own words
  • Place Value has been our Maths focus and we have practised finding a number on a 100 square as well as counting forward and backwards in ones, twos, fives and tens 
  • For our New Year Resolution we have decided our Maths and English targets


We have also started taking library books home on a Friday. Please ensure that they are returned no later than the following Friday to enable a new book to be taken home.


We're all ready for our Christmas performance of 'A Story Book Christmas!'

We're all ready for our Christmas performance of 'A Story Book Christmas!' 1
We're all ready for our Christmas performance of 'A Story Book Christmas!' 2

We enjoyed posting our Christmas letters to our homes!

We enjoyed posting our Christmas letters to our homes! 1
We enjoyed posting our Christmas letters to our homes! 2

In maths we learnt how to read, order and match the months of the year.

In maths we learnt how to read, order and match the months of the year. 1
In maths we learnt how to read, order and match the months of the year. 2

We have been learning about teeth and how to look after them.

We have been learning about teeth and how to look after them. 1
We have been learning about teeth and how to look after them. 2

We always enjoy our paired reading time with Mrs. McGovern's Class.

We always enjoy our paired reading time with Mrs. McGovern's  Class. 1

We remembered our families who fought in World Wars.

We remembered our families who fought in World Wars. 1

We raised lots of money for Children in Need.

We raised lots of money for Children in Need. 1

Science: We decided whether the food was sweet, salty, bitter or sour.

Science: We decided whether the food was sweet, salty, bitter or sour. 1
Science: We decided whether the food was sweet, salty, bitter or sour. 2

We created some super firework pictures using oil pastels and chalk.

We created some super firework pictures using oil pastels and chalk.  1

Welcome to Mrs Armitage's Class - Autumn Term


Welcome to another school year! The children are settling in well and are all working hard. They are getting used to all the new routines and systems in Key Stage 1.

We are ready to learn in our new school year!

We are ready to learn in our new school year! 1

Our topic this Autumn Term is Where We Live.

We will be investigating our local area and learning more about the country and city we live in. We will find out more about our home city of Newcastle upon Tyne and we will be sharing our knowledge of local landmarks we might see or have visited in the North East. These include; the Quayside and River Tyne with it's many bridges, the Angel of the North,  the stunning architecture on Grey Street and Grey's Monument, the many beautiful beaches along the North East coastline, the many historical castles and buildings, including the Castle Keep in the centre of the city. It would be wonderful if you could visit some of these places with your child so they have first hand knowledge of some of the amazing places we have on our doorstep. You could take photographs, make a diary and/or scrapbook, Powerpoint etc. to help remember their visits. I would love them to share their experiences with the class. 


We will also be learning about our capital city, London. Again, we will be learning about landmarks and places of interest both past and present. These will include: the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Trafalguar Square with Nelson's Column, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and of course the River Thames.

If you have any photographs, books or anything you think would help support our topic, please bring them into school. As always, please make sure they are named so they can be returned to you. If you have a particular interest in any of these areas, and would like to come in to share your own experiences, please see me.  

We are enjoying studying where we live.
Picture 1

Mrs.Armitage's Year 1 Class


Summer 2016
KS1 investigated castles at Warkworth
Picture 1 We looked at the ruined walls.
Picture 2 We entered the crypt.
Picture 3 We learned about the Percy family.
Picture 4
Have a look at all the other features below in the gallery.

We had a wonderful experience with Ray Lowdon from the Kielder Bird of Prey Centre.


Ray is an expert in rearing birds of prey in captivity. The birds are beautiful and fascinating creatures. He told us all about their lives and how different their life is in captivity.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4 The barn owl is a magnificent creature.
Picture 5 Some of us were not sure how to handle them
Picture 6 Well done team.

Our new KS1 topic will look at all aspects of toys. We have started reading books about toys so it seemed a good idea to design and make our own toys.We began by looking at all sorts of toys - old and new.


Technology Tom asked us to demonstrate how they worked.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 We looked at the science behind the toys.
Picture 4 Tom showed us an amazing range of examples.
Picture 5 We were asked how we might design our own
Picture 6 Looking at materials that were used by designers.
Picture 7 Some were very old.
Picture 8 Others may have been used by our parents or carers
Picture 9 We considered the most appropriate materials.
Picture 10 We then were challenged to make our sailing boats
Picture 11 We had to think about the size and shape
Picture 12 We had to work with our friends.
Picture 13
We then went back to class to begin to design and make other toys. Watch this space for the results. We think you will be impressed.

Our KS1 parents and carers came into read with their children as we approached the Christmas break.
Picture 1 It was nice to relax and share a story.
Picture 2 Good to see our parents supporting our pupils
Picture 3 Our parents are great readers!
Picture 4 They helped us to select books.
Picture 5 They talked to us about the stories.
Picture 6 Sometimes the stories are funny.
Picture 7
Picture 8 We then popped outside.
Picture 9 Our pupils showed us how to toast a marshmallow.
Picture 10 Some pupils stayed inside to read.
Picture 11 It's great to share a story.
Picture 12 They also joined us around the campfire.
Picture 13 We toasted marshmallows. Mrs Armitage sang carols
Picture 14 We had a delightful afternoon.
Picture 15 It was a bit smokey however!
Picture 16 Thanks to our parents for coming in.

Homework and Reading Books

Reading books and homework will be collected on Monday. They will be marked and returned on Tuesday. Children choose two books from their book box and should read at least one of them during the week (both, if possible). Please try to read regularly/every night to build on word recognition, fluency and expression. The books should be grouped according to your child's reading ability, although there is a range in each box. Their reading is assessed regularly and they will be moved onto the next book box when the teacher feels they are ready . If there are any questions, please ask.

Our library session will be on Friday afternoon when the library opens. As the children can choose from a wide range of Fiction and Non-Fiction books, they may need more support when reading them at home. 


We usually have P.E. on Friday morning. However, there may also be additional P.E. sessions on Thursday, so please ensure your child has their kit in school at all times. It can be taken home at the end of the week or end of each half term. The kit should consist of shorts, a plain T. shirt (no buttons), preferably the new Waverley red one. Also outdoor P.E shoes and socks.  

Please remember that for safety reasons long hair should be tied back and jewellery should not be worn.
Ear-rings should be taped up if they cannot be removed.



It is Key Stage 1's turn to attend Forest School with Mr Roberts this term. Our class will be divided in half with Group 1 starting on Wednesday 16th September for 4 weeks.
Group 2 will start on Wednesday 14th October. Please check for your letter to tell you which group your child is in.

It is important that they wear old, warm clothing as they often get a bit messy! Make sure they have their school uniform with them, so they can get changed when they return at lunchtime.

If you haven't signed and returned the permission slip, please do so asap as we will not be able to take children without it. If you did not receive a letter or have lost it, please see me.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 The Corn Snake
Picture 4 The Corn Snake
Picture 5 The Corn Snake
Picture 6 Mother hen
Picture 7 Mother hen
Picture 8 Mother hen
Picture 9 Mother hen
Picture 10 Mother hen
Picture 11 Mother hen
Picture 12 Our dogs
Picture 13 Our dogs
Picture 14 Our dogs
Picture 15 Our dogs
Picture 16 Our dogs
Picture 17 Our dogs
Picture 18 Our dogs
Picture 19 Our dogs
Picture 20 Our dogs
Picture 21 Our dogs
Picture 22 Our dogs
Picture 23 Our dogs
Picture 24 Welcome to Year 1 & 2 on our first day!
Picture 25