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Visitors and volunteers

People who help to bring learning opportunities to our school.
Picture 1 Ray Lowden is an bird of prey expert
Picture 2 The Premier Sports Team
Picture 3 Steve Hoey - Premier Sports
Picture 4 Simon Woolly from Beamish
Picture 5 Technology Tom loves science and engineering
Picture 6 The Tudor Lady
Picture 7 Dan Briggs - Taekwondo champ
Picture 8 Our parents and carers
Picture 9 Trainee teachers
Picture 10 Our local neighbourhood police
Picture 11 Famous author - Tom Palmer
Picture 12 Mr Paco and friends
Picture 13 Scotswood Garden volunteers
Picture 14 People from the past
Picture 15 Celebrities and sports stars
Picture 16 Hindu wedding planners
Picture 17 Actors
Picture 18 Travelling players
Picture 19 Local artists
Picture 20 Technology Tom
Picture 21 Sarah McMillan - Streetburners