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Spring 2014

Spring Half Term 2 2014

This half term, three days a week, year six are attending booster lessons for reading and writing with Mrs Sample and Mrs Herbert.
Year five will be reading The Chronicles of Spiderwick and improving their reading and writing with Mr Thoburn or Mrs Hibberd
We are still learning about rivers, seas and oceans!



In Science this half term we are learning about Interdependence and Adaptation!



Week 1 
Check out the photos of our Project Rivers Homework below, which is due in this week.
In Geography, we used a map of Newcastle/Gateshead and the surrounding areas to track the River Tyne from source to mouth!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Week 4
On Friday we took part in Sport Relief by running a mile (five times around the field). Some people managed to run two miles! In the morning, we took part in a handball lesson, which was lots of fun. Check out the photos below.




Well a lot has changed since we got back from Christmas, as Mrs McGettrick is off to have her baby in January, Mr Thoburn is now our teacher!

This half term in Literacy we are reading The Demon Headmaster by Gillian Cross



We are also learning about rivers, seas and oceans and life cycles!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Week 1
The first week back we got straight into working hard.

Week 2
This week in Science we dissected a flower, as we are learning about the life cycle of a plant. First we had to learn about the parts of the flower and their function. Then we got to carefully dissect the flower to find the different parts!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Week 3
This week Mrs McGettrick gave birth to a bouncing baby boy called Edward! We cannot wait until she visits and we can see the baby.