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PE and Sports Premium

PE & Sports Premium Funding 2017-2018

Physical Education 2016/17

PE provision is assisted at Waverley by PE Premium funding. This page is dedicated to PE activity at our school with examples of PE funded activity. You can see the work the staff and pupils undertake in the areas of gymnastics, games, outdoor adventure, dance and athletics. We are keen also to demonstrate our extra-curricular activity and sporting teams. Health and fitness are also features of physically active pupils and this will also be documented during the sporting year.


PE Premium 2016/17 - £9,050

Specialist PE Teacher Development - £1,838

We have entered a partnership with several local schools within The Outer West Learning Trust to provide specialist PE and staff development work. We will do this by utilising the services of an experienced specialist PE teacher across the schools and their phases on a weekly basis.

After School Clubs and Coaching - £1,100

Further funding will be utilised to provide sports clubs at school. We have forged partnerships with Premier Sports to provide high quality after school provision and lunchtime clubs as well as inter school competitions and tournaments.

Outdoor Adventure Education - £6112

We have invested in the training of a teacher who specialises in outdoor education. Waverley intends to utilise PE Premiun in order to sustain this aspect of the PE curriculum with all pupils in school undertaking outdoor adventure activities within the outdoor classroom area and in Scotswood Dene.



Duffy League Football Competition with OWL schools (September to March)

Golden Mile 4 week challenge (September to October)

PE Premium Allocation 2015/16

The 2015/16 PE Premium spend of £9230 (March 2015– April 2016) was been allocated as follows.

Specialist PE Teacher Development - £4355

We entered a partnership with several local schools within The Outer West Learning Trust to provide specialist PE and staff development work. We did this by utilising the services of an experienced specialist PE teacher across the schools and their phases on a weekly basis. The cost of this provision was £4355 per annum.

After School Clubs and Coaching - £4050

Further funding (£4050) was utilised to provide sports clubs at school. We have forged partnerships with Premier Sports to provide high quality after school provision and lunchtime clubs as well as inter school competitions and tournaments.

PE Resources; Development and Transport - £825

We also allocated funding of £825 for PE Coordinator resources, transport and development work during 2015/16. We utilised this funding for transport to competitions and release our PE Coordinator to work alongside other teachers and to provide specialist PE opportunities. We also subsidised the shortfall that was required to fund swimming lessons.


How do Waverley Pupils Benefit from PE Premium?

KS2 Sports Day

We enjoy whole school events such as the  wonderful afternoon competing against each other - running, jumping and throwing. We had great support from our parents and carers.

The total points scores were totted up - this gave us the winning team.

Well done everyone - our pupils did not stop all afternoon and demonstrated a great deal of speed, stamina and strength.

The final 'golden lap' was clearly the favourite race that everyone wanted to win.

Transition Work with KS3

Our future PE teachers at KS3 have offered coaching sessions during the summer term.

The focus was cricket for UKS2.

Swimming at West Denton

Our year 4 pupils are all aiming to swim 25m by the end of the summer term. They travel every week to West Denton to work towards this goal.

The Paralympic Values - School Visitors

Our school was lucky enough to have the Olympic Torch for the Paralympic Games in Rio visit for an afternoon. The aim of the visit was to promote the Paralympic values - pupils who had demonstrated these values in school were nominated to carry the torch on the procession.

OWL Trust Events - Fencing Competition

Our fencers ended up in second place in the Premier Sports League. Milecastle came first but the second place should send us up the league further.

You can see that our fencers have worked on their skills - thrusts and lunges were evident.

Another great performance. Well done.

Look out for the latest league standings.

Golden Mile Challenge

8346 miles! That is the total so far that our school as covered since the start of the Golden Mile. We planned to run the same distance as London to Rio for the next Olympic Games but we have done better than that.

We have run all the way to the South China Sea.

Our Golden Mile Monitors are now looking for the best class over the next two weeks - the competition will last until Sports Relief Day and we have a brilliant super learning prize for the best three classes from each phase.

Baseline Tests

As part of our Golden Miles we have undertaken a baseline assessment of every child in the school with Premier Sports. We plan to see how much they have improved by tracking their progress across the school year. Each child in KS1 had to run for 3 minutes; KS2 ran for 4 minutes. We measured the distance for each pupil. Our class totals were added up. Some pupils ran continuously and others stopped for a rest at times. We recorded all of this information. We found that each child in Mrs McGettrick and Mrs McGovern's class on average ran over 600m in their 4 minutes. At KS1 Mrs Armitages were the top class with 450m on average. Watch this space for the progress times and distances.

OWL Trust Events - Gymnastics Competition

We competed against OWL Trust schools in the Premier Sports League. This time gymnastics was the focus.

Each gymnast in the team had to demonstrate their agility in various ways.

The judges marked each gymnsat.

The focus was upon control, poise and flexibility.

Some activities were on the floor.

Others were on the beam. Well done again Waverley.
OWL Trust Events - Basketball Tournament

Our basketball team came second in the OWL Trust tournament.

We were only defeated in one game by a couple of hoops.

It was a great event and keeps us in second place in the Premier Sports League

We all played well and put our skills to the test against our local schools.

It was hard work!

Sometimes it was good to have a rest on the bench.


Well done our Waverley team.

OWL Trust Events - Cross Country Tournament

Our KS2 pupils took part in the OWL Cross Country Championship 2015.

Our school ended up third place overall with lots of individual and team winners.

We started the day with a rigorous warm-up.

Each year group was made up of three runners.

The first runners made themselves ready.

And then they were off!

It was a very long course.

Our medals were a reward for our efforts.

Baseline Fitness Testing

We asked Premier Sports  to test all our pupils to see how physical fitness improves over the school year. They recorded us undertaking some activities around the school grounds - they will show us their analysis then after a time they come back and see how we have improved.

Transport to Venues

We are waiting for the Duffy League to begin shortly so as a warm up we have are challenging all our OWL Trust schools to a match. PE Premium funding helps with transport costs.

We travelled to Newburn for a five-a-side competiton.

The games were played in an excellent spirit.

It was very damp and we were soaked!

Our A team were victorious.

Our B team were also unbeaten.

It was such bad weather we went inside for Newburn hospitality to warm us up and talk about the games.

Increasing our Activity - Golden Miles

Premier Sports have helped us to set up the Golden Mile initiative. Our Golden Mile  adjudicators have been trained and appointed. They will make sure the miles are recorded correctly and report every Friday to the whole school.

Wednesday lunchtime is our dedicated day in the yard for clocking up our miles.

They will encourage us to run further.

They will also make sure our totals are fair and accurate.

Dodgeball Tournament

The OWL Trust has organised a number of competitions this year in conjuction with Premier Sports. We travelled to Simonside and Throckley  to compete against other OWL Trust schools. Our team of dodgeball team took part in another OWL Trust championship.

Premier Sports organised the competition and we selected pupils who had taken part after school and at lunchtime.

The team played well and won every game in qualifying. We made the final.

Our skipper was looking confident.

The final game ended up with the two last players standing.

But unfortunately we were beaten by one shot.

Second place overall and a great evening.

Fun Fit Competition

Mr Roberts also took a team to Simonside for a Fun Fit competition against OWL Trust schools.

Mr Roberts gave us the team talk.


There were relay races.

Premier Sports coaches were referees.

There were all sorts of challenges.

Some were outdoors.

Some were tricky.


We had to be quick - finally we gained enough points for the bronze medal.

We have sports clubs running Monday to Friday either after school or during lunchtime. We publicise all of our after school clubs to our school community on our website and through pupil post. Our Premier Sports clubs are free and we hope that as many pupils as possible will take up this offer. Some activites are aimed at particualar year groups and sports.

OWL Trust PE Development Network

Mrs Armitage chairs the OWL Trust PE Network. We are meeting every half term to discuss how we develop links across our schools. The first meeting highlighted the need to have even more inter-school events and we have now opened up our planned eleven Premier Sports tournaments to the whole of our Trust. We are also planning other events such as OWL Cross Country in November and a OWL outdoor adventure camp. We believe that working together we can improve our own curriculum offer for pupils. At our first meeting we had representatives from all of our schools. Below are colleagues from Westerhope and Carol Marshall who works across several OWL schools.

OWL Competitions

We have more inter school competitions organised this year. Premier Sports have outlined a calendar from October onwards for KS1 nad KS2. Please view the competitons at the bottom of the page. Last year we were particualrly successful in several of these OWL championships. These activites are also related to some of the after school clubs we run and give pupils the opportunity to put their skills to the test against other schools.

Baseline Testing in PE

During September we have begun to baseline test our pupils in PE. Mrs Marshall is our specialist PE teacher - she worked alongside Mrs Thomson and began looking closely at how we move in year 1. They were interested in how well we control our large body actions and how we show that we have improved over time. Sometimes we can observe how dynamic we are becoming but athletes often record their times so that they know how they have improved.

Mrs Marshall looked at all kinds of running, jumping, crawling and hopping and recorded how each child was able to move. She will then include these skills within our PE sessions. By Christmas we will look again at how we have improved.

Mrs Thomson was looking at agility - our pupils all coped well with the balances for example and this was recorded.

The gallop was more difficult and the activites became progressively more complex.

Some of the activites were timed.


This team were making an excellent attempt with their ABCs -agility, balance and coordination.


We also got out of breath and had some fun during the baseline session.


Mrs Marshall will be doing similar baseline activites with our other classes and this will give us good evidence to demonstrate how each pupil is progressing.

Premier Sports Coaches

We have more coached sessions at Waverley currently outside the normal school day. Koysal from Premier Sports comes in every week to organise after school clubs and lunchtime clubs.

Celebrating Achievement

At Waverley we celebrate sporting achievement outside school hours. Our pupil attend a wide variety of clubs within the community.

These pupils took part in the Junior Great North Run.

Well done to them and to Mrs Dalkin and Mr Roberts who told us about their 13 mile epic in assembly.

PE Specialist: Mrs Marshall 

Mrs Marshall will again be working with all of our teacher and classes this coming term. Her remit is to develop teaching and learning in PE - offering teachers the opportunity to see specialist PE provision and also give pupils expert sessions in all sorts of sports.

Improved Sporting Facilities at Waverley

Over the summer we have had a multi-use games area constructed on the bottom yard. Our pupils indicated in our surveys that we needed better facilities for sport. We put together a bid through Sport England and this is the final design.

We will be able to have improved PE sessions as well as break time activites.

The surface is much softer than the yard and will be better for invasion games in particular.

We hope that our after school clubs will also utilise the space.


Lunch Clubs and Activities

Premier Sports made a short film about our lunchtime clubs. We have very close links with Premier Sports through clubs and tournaments across the OWL Trust. Follow this link to see their film:

OWL Tournaments

Premier Sports presented Waverley with the Outer West Football Trophy. They defeated Beech Hill in the final after narrowly pipping Milecastle for the group top spot.

This was a smashing team effort.

Our skipper Alfie was named as Player of the Tournament.


Another cup for this season!

Archery Tournament

This team of archers were accompanied by Mr Devlin and our Chair Angela Tinning to a Premier Sports Archery event at Throckley. Our Premier coaches organised the event.

The results were Throckey first; Waverley second; Simonside third and Milecastle forth.

Well done all those who represented the school again. We play against other OWL Trust schools in a variety of sports. Well done our Quicksticks team - winners of our inter-OWL Trust tournament.

We came up trumps on goal difference with Lemington second.

Good team work again.

Good technique from the players.

Well done team.

Elite Sport at Waverley

It was a start studded evening at the home of Newcastle United with two Waverley pupils attending the Newcastle Schools Awards Evening. They invited friends, family and teachers to celebrate their achievements in sport.

They received their nominations for their exploits in Judo and the way they act as sporting role models for the rest of our pupils. They recently represented our school at the National Judo championships.

Well done boys - Waverley is proud of you.

Premier Sport Assembly

We had a game show assembly today with Steve Hoey from Premier Sports as quiz master.

Correct answers on sport and healthy living earned the contestants a shot at the curling target.

Sometime the contestants asked the audience.

Steve also told us how far we had travelled by running the Golden Mile - our combined miles would get us all the way to Athens. This is 1700 miles away!

We have a Premier Sports Holiday Club coming up soon that all pupils can attend.

Golden Milers Meet the Governors

Our LKS2 Golden Milers met with the Waverley Governing Body to tell them about the benefits of regular running. They told them how Mrs Armitage had set up the challenge with Premier Sports to increase our activity levels.

Julie Darby was amazed at how many miles our pupils had done in total whilst Susan Bell scrutinised the data.

Colin Lofthouse is our LA Achievement Partner - he was given a thorough briefing by one of our athletes.


Mrs Dalkin told them about how we record the miles and how we award a Golden Boot.

Our Chair of Governors is Angela Tinning - she was interested in the certificates that the pupils receive.

Wendy Wills and Jayne Lickess were keen to question the pupils on why they enjoy running.

The pupils will feature in the GB meetings each term so that their voice is heard.

Well done the Golden Milers.

Premier Sports Basketball Champions 2015

Mrs Armitage and Mr Devlin took a team of basketballers to Throckley for the Premier Sports Championship. We needed to win in the last game against Simonside by two points.

Mr Hoey gave us our orders at half time - we were suffering defeat but we turned it round and won the competition!

Well done the MIGHTY REDS!
The Duffy Cup Runners-Up 2014

Our football team were pipped by only one goal in the Duffy League this year.

Lunchtime Games

Premier Sports coaches are coming in every week to show us how to organise playground games during our lunchtime break.

School Teams
Our footy team are doing well and looking like title contenders after six games. Keep it going!
Duffy League P W D L GF GA GD Points  
St.John Vianney 9 9 0 0 21 1 20 27  
Waverley 6 5 0 1 13 3 10 15  
Hilton 7 5 0 2 10 3 7 15  
St.Mark’s 9 4 1 3 9 11 -2 13  
West Denton 7 3 2 2 10 7 3 11  
Knoplaw 5 2 2 1 3 1 2 8  
Farne 8 2 1 5 13 16 -3 7  
Cheviot 4 2 0 2 7 8 -1 6  
Westerhope 5 1 1 3 2 7 -5 4  
St.Cuthbert’s, Kenton 4 1   3 2 4 -2 3  
Kenton Bar 4 1     3 11 -8 3  
St.Cuthbert’s, Walbottle 11 0 0 11 0 22 -22 0  
Scooter Miles

Year 1/2 continued their fitness campaign by taking to scooters as a change from running the Golden Mile.

Everyone brought in their scooter.

Then we were off.

Some were quicker than others.

The Golden Mile Initiative

LKS2 are an example of a phase keeping fit by completing their 'golden mile' twice a week!

If the children complete 12 laps, then they have completed one mile! At the moment most children are completing one to two miles a week!

All of the laps are converted into miles and the class with the most miles wins the award for that week! View the Golden Miles link for more details.
Newburn Judo Club

'Judo Joe' is one of our sporting partners - he comes into school for curriculum time and after school clubs.

Some of our children are members of the club.

Specialist PE Teaching and Learning

Mrs Marshall is new to our school and to other schools in the Outer West Learning Trust. She will be working in our school to give pupils some specialist PE sessions. All classes will benefit from this provision. Whilst she will be delivering PE lessons she will also be working with teachers on aspects of their work so that they develop their own professional knowledge and skills. She will also be working with other schools in our Trust on similar aspects of work.

This week the classes began with a good warm-up.

Mrs Marshall demonstrated some key movement skills.

The pupils undertook skill develoment activities.

They also did lots of activity.

Mrs Marshall completed some golden miles with them also.

School Teams 

Mr Hinchcliffe and Mr Drinkeld have selected this year's Duffy League team.

Looking determined and ready for West Denton away.
New Curriculum PE
Mr Hinchcliffe is also a specialist PE teacher - he began our 'new' PE curriculum this week with some of our older pupils undertaking some important warm-up activites prior to ball skills activites. Mr Hinchcliffe will work every Thursday afternoon with these groups so that we have elements of specialist PE at our school.