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Half Term Cycling Training


Newcastle City Council Road Safety will be holding 2 days of cycle training at The Hub this February half-term.  The training will be available to children and adults from 8 years who live, work or attend school in Newcastle upon Tyne, and is free of charge to participants.  All training will take place in an off-road environment.  


Two different courses will be offered; Learn to Ride, and Level 1 Bikeability: 


·         Learn to ride is suitable for complete beginners and will be tailored to the ability and pace of the trainees.  Duration:  2 hours.

·         Level 1 Bikeability is aimed at those who can set off, pedal and stop.  The course focuses on perfecting bike handling skills such as stopping in control, using gears, signalling, etc.  Duration: 2 hours.


Details are as follows:


·         Dates:              Tuesday 13th and Thursday 15th February 2018

·         Time:               10 am – 12 pm
                        1 pm – 3 pm

·         Programmes:  Learn to Ride and L1 Bikeability

·         Age:                 Adults and children 8 years+

·         Location:         The Hub, Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1BU.

·         Participants will need to provide a bike and helmet.

·         Refreshments are available to purchase at The Hub.


All training is delivered by qualified National Standards Instructors.


Please e-mail Cycling in the City to book your place on one of the above courses.


9th Lemington Festival - Family Fun Day

Kidscape Bullying workshop for all Waverley parents at 2pm until 3pm on 12th June 2017. Everyone is welcome, please join us.



Every second Thursday we are hosting a coffee morning. Our Pastoral Team will be on hand to have a chat with parents and carers. Please come and meet our staff in the Maple room.

Shelly Carr (left) is our Family Support Officer. She works closely with our Pastoral Leader Sharon Selkirk. The remit of the Family Support Officer at Waverley is to offer parents and carers help to support pupils at our school. Her work ranges from parenting support; to attendance issues or support for assistance with transition to high school. Mrs Selkirk coordinates our pastoral support and is always on hand to talk to pupils and parents or to offer the services of the Family Support Officer. Anyone with a concern can come into school for a chat - any matter impacting upon the well being of pupils is our concern and we are here to assist in whatever way we can. We are currently holding coffee mornings every second Thursday where parents can meet our Pastoral Team.

Lesley Galloway (below left) is our School Health Advisor. She is also on hand to provide help to parents. She can assist with dietary advice; toilet training or help with a range of medical issues that are experienced by many for our pupils. Please contact Mrs Selkirk if you would to book an appointment to see Lesley. She also works closely with our school leaders and advises us on the administration of medication and general health care issues.



Our Pastoral Team works closely with our Headteacher and Deputy on all matters concerning pupil welfare.  Please feel free to contact any of the team or come along to one of our coffee mornings to meet other parents and carers.



The tree is up and we are gearing up for the festive period.



We had our Christmas Activity Morning in EYFS and it was lovely to see so many parents working alongside our Nursery and Reception children. The children certainly had reading folders bulging with decorations, angels, reindeer dust and crackers when the left school.


Thanks to everyone who helped us.


The children enjoyed the day.


Well done with the Santa masks.






Reindeer dust.


A huge thank you to everyone that came this morning for your hard work to ensure all children had a very enjoyable day!

We are reading the story 'Father Christmas Needs a Wee', along with other Christmas stories and we will be writing some letters to Santa. 



We made all sorts of decorations.


Glitter was everywhere!





We listened to Christmas music and talked to our friends in the workshop.



Look at our gallery.


Poetry 'Jump Up'



Mrs Gorsky's class demonstrated their learning this week with a class assembly for parents.



They had completed several weeks of work on poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson and Willaim Blake. They showed the audience how to order the poems.


They had actions to go with poems.


They had written class poems using clever techniques.



Look at the brilliant vocabulary here.


The class can recite these poems.



This poem is about an eagle.



The sea snake is also included here.


We used film clips to see how the creatures moved and hunted.



The class have enjoyed selecting powerful vocabulary.


Have a look at the podcast page for our assembly.

Lots of Parents and carers came to help us with our Christmas crafts.


We needed lots of sticking and cutting.


Thanks to everyone who came along - look at the gallery below.


Thanks also to all those who came to the 'Come and Play' afternoon in Reception.


See what's going on at school and in our community. If you would like to tell us or share something that is happening in the local area please contact us via the contact page.






Craft Day

Craft Day 1
Craft Day 2
Craft Day 3
Craft Day 4
Craft Day 5
Craft Day 6
Craft Day 7
Craft Day 8
Craft Day 9
Craft Day 10
Craft Day 11
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Craft Day 21
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Craft Day 30
Craft Day 31
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Craft Day 37
Craft Day 38
Craft Day 39

Lemington Lantern Festival

Lemington Lantern Festival  1
Lemington Lantern Festival  2
Lemington Lantern Festival  3
Lemington Lantern Festival  4
Lemington Lantern Festival  5
Lemington Lantern Festival  6
Lemington Lantern Festival  7
Lemington Lantern Festival  8
Lemington Lantern Festival  9
Lemington Lantern Festival  10
Lemington Lantern Festival  11
Lemington Lantern Festival  12
Lemington Lantern Festival  13
Lemington Lantern Festival  14
Lemington Lantern Festival  15
Lemington Lantern Festival  16
Lemington Lantern Festival  17
Lemington Lantern Festival  18
Lemington Lantern Festival  19
Lemington Lantern Festival  20
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