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Golden Mile

All pupils will view the weekly result in Achiever's Assembly so they can see their weekly running statistics. The Golden Mile Team are responsible for the statistics.


They take their duties seriously and report to Mrs Armitage.

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Total Distance Covered

8346 miles! That is the total so far that our school as covered since the start of the Golden Mile. We planned to run the same distance as London to Rio in Rio for the next Olympic Games but we have done better than that.


We have run all the way to the South China Sea.


Or all the way to Cape Town in South Africa.


Or all the way to Australia.



Our Golden Mile Monitors are now looking for the best class over the next two weeks - the competition will last until Sports Relief Day and we have a brilliant super learning prize for the best three classes from each phase.

Baseline Tests

As part of our Golden Miles we have undertaken a baseline assessment of every child in the school. We plan to see how much they have improved by tracking their progress across the school year. Each child in KS1 had to run for 3 minutes; KS2 ran for 4 minutes. We measured the distance for each pupil. Our class totals were added up. Some pupils ran continuously and others stopped for a rest at times. We recorded all of this information. We found that each child in Mrs McGettrick and Mrs McGovern's class on average ran over 600m in their 4 minutes. At KS1 Mrs Armitages were the top class with 450m on average. Watch this space for the progress times and distances.

Golden Miles Totals

Our 'Golden Mile' monitors will be logging the laps during the term - look out for your scores in class on the Golden Mile website also.

Over 8346 Golden Miles this year so far.

Mrs Dalkin's team still out in front.   

Mrs Dalkin 501 miles


Miss Clarke - 283 miles

Mrs Armitage - 426 miles

Mrs McGettrick - 262 miles

Mrs Miller - 384 miles

Mrs McGovern - 379 miles

Mrs Thomson - 204 miles

Mr Garrod 170 miles

Mrs Sample - 181 miles

Mrs Leadbeater & Miss Anderson - 4 miles

Mrs Dalkin's team still out in front.

Our Golden Mile  adjudicators have been trained and appointed. They will make sure the miles are recorded correctly and report every Friday to the whole school.


Wednesday lunchtime is our dedicated day in the yard for clocking up our miles.

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Picture 2 They will encourage us to run further.
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They will also make sure our totals are fair and accurate.

Our LKS2 Golden Milers met with the Waverley Governing Body to tell them about the benefits of regular running. They told them how Mrs Armitage had set up the challenge with Premier Sports to increase our activity levels.


Julie Darby was amazed at how many miles our pupils had done in total whilst Susan Bell scrutinised the data.


Colin Lofthouse is our LA Achievement Partner - he was given a thorough briefing by one of our athletes.


Mrs Dalkin told them about how we record the miles and how we award a Golden Boot.

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Our Chair of Governors is Angela Tinning - she was interested in the certificates that the pupils receive.


Wendy Wills and Jayne Lickess were keen to question the pupils on why they enjoy running.


The pupils will feature in the GB meetings each term so that their voice is heard.


Well done the Golden Milers.