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The Waverley Gallery

We have two galleries in school and since 2010 we have constructed, stitched, painted or made an artistic installation in our school. These include our 'Olympic Rings', 'The Castle Heraldry Banners', 'The Spaceship', 'Puffing Billy' and 'The Flanders Field' exhibit. 'The  Roberts' and 'The Dragon' galleries also feature our work. We also have some wonderful dispalys all around school. Mr Roberts is our artistic inspiration - he tells us that everyone at Waverley is an artist. Look how beautiful this installation looks.

We will be reminding our pupils about the sacrifice of those who died in conflict.


Our older pupils have designed a wonderful poppy display based upon the Woodhorn Colliery Weeping Window.


A beautiful tribute.

Picture 1
Picture 2

'The Christmas Truce' is part of our Great War display.


The Great War display contains a poppy designed by every child in the school. It was exhibited in Newcastle Cathedral for several weeks.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1 Alien Craft was designed and made by our pupils
Picture 2 The Iron Man
Picture 3 Volcanoes
Picture 4 London
Sometimes we work on a smaller scale.
Picture 1 Indian Wallpaper
Picture 2 Local iconic art
Picture 3 Characters from books
Picture 4 The Great Fire of London
Picture 5 The Taj Mahal
Picture 6 Portraits
You will see some unique work in our school and some first class artistic skills. Our art  and display work around school is great - take a look at our work.
Picture 1 Tudor Houses
Picture 2
Picture 3

Our teachers work hard with us to create a fantastic learning environment.


The pupils have worked hard to present their work and learning in different ways this term and the classes look great.

Picture 1 You can see the topics we have been working on.
Picture 2 Sometimes we use models.
Picture 3 Sometimes we use props.
Picture 4 Sometimes we take photographs.
Picture 5 We love painting and drawing to display our work.
Picture 6 ou can see what we have learned.
Picture 7 It also makes us proud of our achievements.
Picture 8 Every class contributes to the corridor displays.
Picture 9 Sometimes we use technical words alongside info
Picture 10 Sometimes we use book characters.
Picture 11 And on other occasions we just stick our ideas up
Picture 12 It is great when it looks cool.
Picture 13 Nursery is very colourful.
Picture 14
View the photos in the main gallery or click on an album to view others. You can also find more photos on the other pages throughout our website.
Picture 1 Autumn Display
Picture 2 Autumn Display
Picture 3 Autumn Display
Picture 4 Autumn Display
Picture 5 Autumn Display
Picture 6 Autumn Display
Picture 7 Autumn Display
Picture 8 Autumn Display
Picture 9 Autumn Display
Picture 10 Autumn Display
Picture 11 Autumn Display
Picture 12 Autumn Display
Picture 13 Autumn Display
Picture 14 Autumn Display
Picture 15 Autumn Display
Picture 16 Autumn Display
Picture 17 Autumn Display
Picture 18 Autumn Display
Picture 19 Autumn Display
Picture 20 Autumn Display
Picture 21 Autumn Display
Picture 22 Autumn Display
Picture 23 Autumn Display
Picture 24 Monsoon
Picture 25 Around School
Picture 26 Around School
Picture 27 Around School
Picture 28 Around School
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32 Nursery
Picture 33 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 34 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 35 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 36 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 37 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 38 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 39 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 40 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 41 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 42 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 43 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 44 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 45 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 46 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 47 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 48 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 49 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 50 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 51 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 52 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 53 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 54 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 55 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 56 Roberts' Gallery
Picture 57 Autumn 2013
Picture 58 Autumn 2013
Picture 59 Autumn 2013
Picture 60 Autumn 2013
Picture 61 Autumn 2013
Picture 62 Autumn 2013
Picture 63 Autumn 2013
Picture 64 Autumn 2013
Picture 65 Autumn 2013
Picture 66 India
Picture 67 India
Picture 68 India
Picture 69 India
Picture 70 Indian Elephant
Picture 71 Newsprint Elephants
Picture 72 Alien Craft
Picture 73 Indian Wallpaper
Picture 74
Picture 75
Picture 76
Picture 77
Picture 78
Picture 79
Picture 80 The Sheep Pig
Picture 81 Computer Images
Picture 82 The Poetree...
Picture 83 Encounter with Fear
Picture 84 What's going on in Reception this week...
Picture 85 Rainforest
Picture 86 Monsoon
Picture 87 Monsoon
Picture 88 Bill's New Frock
Picture 89 Changing States
Picture 90 Pets
Picture 91 The Duke of Cleave's Letters
Picture 92 Art Heroes
Picture 93 Nursery Gallery
Picture 94 The Four Seasons
Picture 95 The Four Seasons
Picture 96 The Four Seasons
Picture 97 The Four Seasons
Picture 98 The Tunnel
Picture 99 Colour Mixing
Picture 100 Colour Mixing
Picture 101 Anthony Browne
Picture 102 The Stray Cat
Picture 103 Champions
Picture 104 Gold, Silver and Bronze
Picture 105 Olympic Values
Picture 106 The Torch Route
Picture 107 A World of Sport
Picture 108 The Olympic Flame
Picture 109 Olympic and Paralympic sports
Picture 110 Wenlock and Mandeville
Picture 111 Oliver Twist
Picture 112 Oliver Twist
Picture 113 Andy Goldsworthy environmental sculpture
Picture 114 Taj Mahal
Picture 115 Eggtastical art
Picture 116 Time Train to the Blitz
Picture 117 The Iron Man
Picture 118 Woodland sculptures
Picture 119 Pop Art
Picture 120 Aliens ate my underpants...
Picture 121 Percy the Park Keeper
Picture 122 Blast off!
Picture 123 Sunsets
Picture 124 I'm a Waverley student... Get me out of here!
Picture 125 Pirate Adventure
Picture 126 The Magic Key
Picture 127 Rivers & Coastline models
Picture 128 Robin Wood Adventure
Picture 129 Alien Invasion
Picture 130 Spacecraft sculpture
Picture 131 Nursery Aliens
Picture 132 Fairy Tales
Picture 133 The Twits
Picture 134 Claris Cliff art
Picture 135 Street Child
Picture 136 Roger McGough
Picture 137 Alien art
Picture 138 Slipper designs
Picture 139 Aboriginal art
Picture 140 Van Gogh art