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'Harry the Evacuee' - A Performance by LKS2

Our LKS2 pupil all know and understand a great deal about life in our country during the war. They put on a wonderful play for us about an evacuee called Harry. Life was tough for children sent away from the cities.


Children were often bullied by the families they were sent to but some were better fed and well cared for away from the danger.

Picture 1 They were often very sick on the journey
Picture 2 Some parents had already gone off to fight
Picture 3 Their teachers were often very harsh in those days
Picture 4 The army was not an easy life either.
Picture 5 Older folk often had to become air raid wardens.
Picture 6 The nation had to pull together like soldiers
Picture 7 Gas masks were carried around everywhere
Picture 8
Picture 9 Everyone had to step up to do their bit
Picture 10 Digging for victory was one way of producing food
Picture 11 Some women became Land Girls - working on farms.
Picture 12 Well done LKS2.
Picture 13 We'll meet again - don't know where...?

Young Pioneer Evacuation Day

Our Young Pioneers were evacuated as part of our rememberance of the war years this week.


They were given a list of items to be packed into their pillow case.


Some of them struggled to carry all their worldly goods.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 Our teachers were evacuated with us.
Picture 4

When we arrived at our destination we were informed of the dangers of attacks by German bombers up the Tyne. A ministry of defence boffin told us about our secret mission.


We were paraded around the church and Father Alun selected two pupils to live with him and his wife in the vicarage.

Picture 1
Picture 2

These pupils were particularly clean - a nail inspection was vital and clean teeth also!


The girls were asked to show their hankerchiefs as previous evacuees had been poorly behaved.

Picture 1
Picture 2

The vicar asked if the pupils could look after the church and to do duties.


Walking the dog everyday was top of the list.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 Then we had a wartime snack.
The evacuees then got to work on the secret missile defence mission.
Picture 1
Picture 2 Major Tom told them about aerodymanics.

We then looked at how other creatures were brilliant at flying.


We were asked to send secret messages via pigeon.


The messages were fixed to the bird with a special mechanism.


Then sent to a contraption away from enemy eyes.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 We then looked at a model V2 rocket.
Picture 6 We refined our ideas.
Picture 7 We tested our models.
Picture 8 The V2 flew down on wires.
Picture 9 We worked in teams.
Picture 10 We were told about the V2 menace.
Picture 11 BLAST OFF.
Back outside for lunch.
Picture 1 Our army officer cooked us up a wartime meal.
Picture 2 SPAM!
Picture 3 And more SPAM!
Picture 4 We opened our letters from home - very sad!
Picture 5 Then the V2 was sent down for testing.
Picture 6 We aimed at the target - direct hit!
Picture 7 We had a talk on gas attacks.
Picture 8 Would you have enjoyed life as an evacuee?

Hooks Into Books

School is currently exhibiting some of our Year Three and Four reading work in Newcastle City Library (The children's section - floor 3).
Our exhibition will be open until the end of April and features mummified cats, wonderful masks and, of course, outcomes from reading. Please visit if you can!



Remembrance Day

It seemed an appropriate time to unveil our artwork as part of our 'Flanders Field Exhibition'. We invited Mr Chandler (an ex-soldier); Mrs Tinning (Chair of Governors); Mr Roberts and Mrs Armstrong (ex-Chair). Mrs Broderick provided some beautiful music and our pupils ushered our guests and told them about our work.



Our pupils assembled in the hall with our teachers to pay their respects to those who fell in the Great War.

Picture 1 Each pupil brought a poppy to represent a soldier
Picture 2

Mr Chandler was once a soldier – he came in to help us with our remembrance ceremony.


Mr Outterside told us about a battalion of soldiers from his village and our pupils read poems.


 We held our poppies as Mrs Broderick played a lament on the violin then we all fell silent.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
 We thought about the poor soldiers and their families.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Our ‘Flanders Field’ gallery was made ready in preparation.


Our pupils made guard of honour along the corridors.


Our display contained writing and pictures of our school trips to Belgium to see the sites of the Great War.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Our work of art was ready to unveil – Mr Roberts had designed the tribute and all our pupils contributed a poppy. They used acrylic paint – some were finger prints and others were painted.  Our pupils observed and listened from the hall.


Mrs Broderick led Mrs Tinning (Chair of Governors); Jen Armstrong (ex-Chair) and Mr Chandler down to the gallery. We all listened to the words.


The pupil’s work was unveiled by Mrs Tinning and Mrs Armstrong. A worthy piece of art that will be a lasting tribute.

Picture 1
Picture 2 Each poppy a different pupil.
Picture 3
Picture 4

Then all of our pupils began to place their poppies onto the display.


Each poppy representing a soldier. We posed for pictures after the ceremony. Well done Mr Roberts and our pupils.

Picture 1
Picture 2 The poppy field began to fill up.
Picture 3 All the classes contributed poppies.
Picture 4 They admired the gallery.

We shall remember them…

Disco Time

Some very spooky and scary children attended school tonight! Of course they were attending our annual Halloween disco. All of the children made enormous effort to transform themselves into the most gruesome Halloween characters! 

There was lots of zombie dancing...

There was a fashion show to show off all of the amazing costumes...

Picture 1
Picture 2

There was Halloween musical statues...

There was a deadly swamp to cross at the KS1 disco...

There was a time-warp-off at the KS2 disco!


Well done to all of the children who made loads of effort with their costume and well done to the winners of the night! 

Check back soon for all of the photos!?


Our latest disco was a great success - have a look at the red carpet photographs below.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Waverley's Got Talent

What a great night we had at Waverley's Got Talent.

Picture 1 All of the acts were prepared.
Picture 2 They were very nervous but terribly excited.
Picture 3
Picture 4 The merchandise was ready to be sold.
Picture 5 The programmes on sale.
Picture 6 Old pupils returned to see the show.
Picture 7 Everyone was dressed to the nines.
Picture 8 The five minute warning.
Picture 9 Simon Trowell was the guest judge.
Picture 10 Then on with the show.
Picture 11 Dancers, singers, comediennes.
Picture 12 Even a professional singer for he break.
Picture 13 Then the judges decided.

Well done all of the acts.

Christmas Panto
Keep checking back to find out more details about this year's Panto!

Check out these past events at Waverley:

Puffing Billy

We are held a 'Puffing Billy' super learning week from Monday 24th June to Friday 28th June. We are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first journey of the world famous steam locomotive.


Puffing Billy was one of the first steam locomotives to transport coal from Wylam Colliery to Lemington Staithes on the River Tyne.



We are already learning about Puffing Billy in our Castle Families and over the coming weeks we will learn some traditional Geordie songs and folk dances in preparation.



We will also make our own Puffing Billy Banner with a textile artist that will commemorate the events.



We have already learned about how coal needed to be transported from Wylam pit to London - the best way was to send it down the Tyne but first it had to be transported to Lemington. Horses were used on wooden rails at first but William Hedley had better ideas. Puffing Billy was developed by Newburn-born engineer William Hedley in 1813, it paved the way for the development of the rail industry.



We are holding a week of events to commemorate Hedley and his engine - Technology Tom will be telling us about the science of steam and we will have some very old visitors from the past!



We will be looking at the evidence from the past to find out what life was like. This image of Lemington glass works gives us an idea.



Work was hard in the glass works and Puffing Billy passed right by the building which still stands.



We get an idea of life from records such as the census of the time.



And don't forget the life of school children. We are going to dress up like them - so get your costumes prepared.



We will try to imitate artists of the time also - look at painting of Wylam pit and all of the activities going on in the picture.



Life the was hard and children of the time often appear to look sad - these Lemington houses are no longer standing.



The Tyne was also different with islands.



So look out for details of the week and of the Puffing Billy Festival Day we are holding with Newburn Manor Primary and Lemington Riverside on Friday 28th of June.


Easter Disco

DJ Thoburn was on the wheels of steel for the Easter Disco.

Picture 1
Picture 2 Some great dancing.
Picture 3 Everyone had their dancing trousers on!
Picture 4 Some took quite a while to get their make-up on.
Picture 5 Friends boogied together.
Picture 6 Cool dudes.

Have a look below...

Waverley's Got Talen 2013!

A star studded evening saw a great crowd gather for WGT 2013.

Picture 1 The red carpet saw some VIP guests.
Picture 2 Would a dance act win the show?
Picture 3 Everyone had their favourites.
Picture 4 Backstage the tension grew.
Picture 5 Everyone got into the mood.
Picture 6 Families and friends gathered to support each act.
Picture 7 Everyone dressed in their party clothes.
Picture 8 Each act prepared for their performance.
Picture 9 They wished each other good luck.
Picture 10 The audience took their seats.
Picture 11 Not long to go now.
Picture 12 The winners trophy.
Picture 13 The judges.
Picture 14 The finalists gather.
Picture 15 Great costumes.
Picture 16 Excited singers.
Picture 17 Families together.
Picture 18 The big screen.
Picture 19 Merchandise on sale.
Picture 20 Groovy Man.
Picture 21 All ready for the curtain call.
Picture 22 Take your seats.
Picture 23 Makeup fixed.
Picture 24 Props ready.
Picture 25 A real star.
Picture 26 Concentration from the judges.
Picture 27 The interval.
Picture 28 Stars in their eyes.
Picture 29 Singers.
Picture 30 Great boots.
Picture 31 Can we get autographs?
Picture 32 A great night.
Picture 33 Dancing together.
Picture 34 T shirts for sale.
Picture 35 A great costume.
Picture 36 The stage managers.
Picture 37 Who will win?
Picture 38 Simon Trowel
Picture 39 Backstage nerves.
Picture 40 Pop studio and the choir.
Picture 41 VIP guests.
Picture 42 A jolly good night.
Picture 43
Picture 44
Picture 1 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 2 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 3 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 4 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 5 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 6 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 7 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 8 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 9 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 10 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 11 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 12 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 13 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 14 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 15 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 16 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 17 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 18 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 19 WGT Finalist 2013!
Picture 20 WGT - auditions
Picture 21 WGT - auditions
Picture 22 WGT - auditions
Picture 23 WGT - auditions
Picture 24 WGT - auditions
Picture 25 WGT - auditions
Picture 26 WGT - auditions
Picture 27 WGT - auditions
Picture 28 WGT - auditions
Picture 29 WGT - auditions
Picture 30 WGT - auditions
Picture 31 WGT - auditions
Picture 32 WGT - auditions
Picture 33 WGT - auditions
Picture 34 WGT - auditions
Picture 35 WGT - auditions
Picture 36 WGT - auditions
Picture 37 WGT - auditions
Picture 38 WGT - auditions
Picture 39 WGT - auditions
Picture 40 WGT - auditions
Picture 41 WGT - auditions
Picture 42 WGT - auditions
Picture 43 WGT - auditions
Picture 44 WGT - auditions
Picture 45 WGT - auditions
Picture 46 WGT - auditions
Picture 47 WGT - auditions
Picture 48 WGT - auditions
Picture 49 WGT - auditions
Picture 50 WGT - auditions
Picture 51 WGT - auditions
Picture 52 WGT - auditions
Picture 53 WGT - auditions
Picture 54 WGT - auditions
Picture 55 WGT - auditions
Picture 56 WGT - auditions
Picture 57 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 58 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 59 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 60 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 61 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 62 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 63 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 64 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 65 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 66 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 67 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 68 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 69 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 70 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 71 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 72 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 73 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 74 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 75 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 76 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 77 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 78 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 79 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 80 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 81 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 82 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 83 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 84 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 85 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 86 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 87 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 88 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 89 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 90 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 91 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 92 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 93 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 94 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 95 Beauty and the Beast
Picture 96 Raising money for Children in Need
Picture 97 Raising money for Children in Need
Picture 98 Raising money for Children in Need
Picture 99 Raising money for Children in Need
Picture 100 Raising money for Children in Need
Picture 101 Raising money for Children in Need
Picture 102 Raising money for Children in Need
Picture 103 Raising money for Children in Need
Picture 104 Raising money for Children in Need
Picture 105 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 106 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 107 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 108 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 109 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 110 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 111 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 112 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 113 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 114 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 115 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 116 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 117 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 118 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 119 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 120 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 121 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 122 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 123 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 124 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 125 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 126 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 127 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 128 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 129 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 130 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 131 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 132 Waverley's Got Talent
Picture 133 Jubilee Celebration
Picture 134 Jubilee Celebration
Picture 135 Jubilee Celebration
Picture 136 Jubilee Celebration
Picture 137 Jubilee Celebration
Picture 138 Jubilee Celebration
Picture 139 Jubilee Celebration
Picture 140 Jubilee Celebration
Picture 141 Jubilee Celebration
Picture 142 Jubilee Celebration
Picture 143 Jubilee Celebration